Parenting While Black … and Middle-class on TV by Lisa B. Thompson | NewBlackMan in Exile

This review of Blackish by Lisa B. Thompson is well worth the read. As a former student of her classes, – and I mean classes, there is no one better to review our media. She has the energy, insight, and talent to find and critique most of our popular culture. Thompson’s work is guided by a serious love for her work and an insane passion for theater. Catching this review of Blackish was a gem. Thank you, Professor T.

Parenting While Black ... and Middle-class on TV by Lisa B. Thompson | NewBlackMan in Exile


This year also marks the 30th anniversary of Bill Cosby’s black middle-class family sitcom featuring Cliff and Claire Huxtable and their five brilliant, gorgeous children, once the most popular program on TV for viewers of all races. Even children today who catch episodes become instant fans. 

Unfortunately, till now, American television has yet to replace it with another show about a middle-class black family. In fact, images of black middle-class families have disappeared from the cultural landscape, reinforcing false notions only one authentic black experience. 

Lisa B. Thompson is the author of Beyond the Black Lady: Sexuality and the New African American Middle Class and the play Single Black Female. She is an associate professor of African and African diaspora studies at the University of Texas at Austin where she is an OpEd Project Public Voices fellow. Follow her on Twitter @playprof. #OYRchallenge

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Boardwalk Empires Negro Problem: Creative License With DuBois and Garvey | Nsenga Burton

Jeffrey Wright/Dr. Narcisse

The \”Talented Tenth\” refers to the percentage of blacks in the community who would save the Negro race essentially from the worst parts of itself the \”New Negro\” if you will. Dr. Narcisses elitism and manner is at odds with Chalky White, who represents the black man who has bootstrapped his way to success, as evidenced by his gruff demeanor and regional dialect despite his impeccable clothing, lovely home and beautiful family.Played exquisitely by actor Jeffrey Wright, Dr. Narcisse moves freely through many different groups white politicians, black church folk, gangsters, nightclub patrons, thespians reflecting DuBois concept of double consciousness, the veil through which black people are viewed skin color, white establishment, black community, see and interact with the world. Because of this dual consciousness, black folks had/have the ability to don different masks Frantz Fanon in order to survive in a world that loathes black folks. While the writer never explicitly identifies Dr. Narcisse as DuBois, it is clear that DuBois is the historical figure the writer is referencing.

via Boardwalk Empires Negro Problem: Creative License With DuBois and Garvey | Nsenga Burton.

Healthy Winter Foods | BlackDoctor

In some parts of the country, it’s so cold you don’t even want to step outside to make that trip to the gym and comfort foods are so just easy to grab these days. We get it. But there is a way to lose weight by eating certain foods this winter. Stock up your pantry this season with the following fat-fighting foods and stay fit!

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Watch Episode 1 Of Stacey Dash’s New Web Series ‘Stacey Dash Is Normal’ | Shadow and Act

Here’s the recently-released first episode of the new Stacey Dash web series Sergio alerted you to in December.

The series, which will follow the “awkward, conflicted world” of Dash, is called Stacey Dash Is Normal, while episode 1 is titled The Dip.

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Video: Baby Flung From Car Crash, Almost Run Over – ABC News

 Kirit Radia

MOSCOW – A very lucky baby girl narrowly avoided death after the car she was riding in skidded out of control on an icy Russian highway and slammed into an oncoming truck.

The 1-year-old girl, who was not strapped into a carseat, was ejected from the car and landed face down on the pavement. A passing truck was able to slow down to avoid running over her. The entire ordeal was captured on the dashboard camera of a vehicle driving right behind the crash.

via Video: Baby Flung From Car Crash, Almost Run Over – ABC News.


23 Films (Shorts, Features, Docs) Of The African Diaspora For You To See At Sundance 2013

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The Lottery Breathing Lessons A Life in Pictures: Charlize Theron TEACHED: The Path to Prison Louis Armstrong – King of Jazz
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Bill Engvall – Here’s Your Sign (Video)

Obama, ‘Republicans Will Not Collect a Ransom in Exchange for Not Crashing the Economy.’


“Dr Caudle on Depression” on YouTube

You roll over, get out of bed, go in the bathroom & wash your face with hot water … You look in your refrigerator, but the eggs, bacon, fruit & raisin bagels don’t look appetizing … You don’t feel like drinking juice or coffee so you grab a bottle of water … You go to your closet, but you can’t decide which out fit wear … You pick up your cell phone, call in sick, turn on the TV, then lay back down on your pillow top mattress … It sure is tough being depressed in America


(Hilarious) Lee Camp – A Cultural Insight (from The Zeitgeist Movement)

This is a two minute segment from Episode 3 of ‘Culture In Decline’ in which Lee Camp critiques modern culture… Hilarious!