Stop and Frisk

NYPD Cop Allegedly Steals $1,300 In Stop-And-Frisk, Pepper Sprays Victim | VIDEO | #OYRchallenge

“I believe that this officer made an assumption that any money Mr. Joye possessed was obtained illegally and therefore he would not report the theft. This assumption was wrong,” Marinelli said. “Mr. Joye is a hardworking taxpayer deserving respect.”The lawyer told the New York Post that his client had $1,300 on him so he could treat he and his wife to a night on the town in celebration of his 35th birthday.“

The cops thought they could just go in his pockets, take his money, mace him and leave,” Marinelli said. “If there wasn’t a video, nobody would believe this happened.”

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Why Are NYPD Cops Setting Up Criminal Checkpoints For Kids Who Are Late to School?

“There are a number of issues, both morally and legally, with these truancy stops. The first question is why kids are stopped at all when they are obviously en route to school? Doesn’t stopping them only make them later for school? Isn’t tardiness something that’s best handled by schools, anyway? And, according to allthingsharlem, there is an officer at every school, so why aren’t in-school officials charged with dealing with this? Lastly, what happens to the data that cops collect from these kids? Is it maintained in some database? Why?”

Bed-Stuy Ads Recommend Black People

RISE - Brooklyn

An anonymous group, RISE, is placing ads in bus shelters around Bed-Stuy to remind people that “Racism Still Exists,” the blog Color Lines reports. In a bus shelter on the corner of Nostrand and Halsey, for example, an ad says, “Don’t Want to Get Stopped by the NYPD? STOP BEING BLACK,” and then includes a series of statistics about the racial disparities in the execution of Stop and Frisk. The poster is RISE’s sixth; on the group’s Tumblr—which, like the ads, has no contact information—there are graphics about wealth disparity, smoking, fast food, education and more.

Because racism still exists!

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