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Sherry Peel Jackson – Breaking The Invisible Shackles Of The IRS | #OYRchallenge

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By Sherry Peel Jackson, Certified Fraud Examiner and Ex-IRS agent. She Challenges all citizens to demand answers from congress about the legality of Federal Income taxes and the Federal Reserve.
This is a 2 hour lecture about some of the inner secrets of the IRS, and the fundamental lack of juridical framework that supports it.

Meet Your Future Boss: The Female Immigrant | Techyville

Currently, in the US, there are over one million women who are immigrants that own their own small business, as of 2007. This tells us that 13% of all women-owned small businesses are run by women who were born in a different county. These women are running businesses that range from housekeeping, to high-tech businesses, to legal services and engineering.

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