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Tavis Smiley Rips Obama: Stop Going on TV to Lecture Black People – YouTube | #OYRchallenge

Tavis Smiley appeared on Sean Hannity‘s show tonight and had some pretty harsh words for President Obama, ripping into him for “lecturing” black people on recent events. Obama appeared on BET in an interview that aired tonight in which he said that America’s race issues will “take time” to deal with.

Smiley said, “With all due respect to our president, Barack Obama, black folk don’t need lectures on Black Entertainment Television. You go to Black Entertainment Television, Mr. President––respectfully––to lecture black folk, and then you’re wrong––respectfully––when you tell them that these things take time.”

He also scolded Obama for rejecting comparisons between today and 50 years ago, saying, “Tell that to the parents of these kids who have been gunned down in America’s streets. It is open season on black men, and it is in many ways as bad as it was 50 years ago.”

Smiley concluded, “Why go to BET and give black folk a lecture then go to Stephen Colbert and tell jokes? I don’t get that.”

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