Schenectady Is Bad For Business | #OYRchallenge

QUIN1Wednesday morning held surprises for Albany St. businesses. Albany between Brandywine Ave and Kelton Ave is getting a face lift. Street paving crews began early and residents, especially drivers should be grateful. I said – should be. But there is always that little nuance that the Capital Region municipal workers seem to miss in minority areas, respect for minority businesses.

Street pavers usually cordon off work areas, while allowing for traffic to pass and commerce to continue in other areas. This morning however, “Emergency No Parking” signs were placed on the opposite side of the street from the work area, obstructing morning commuters from parking in front of stores on their way to pick up that on-the-way-to-work necessity. I specifically went into the City of Schenectady to patronize my favorite bodega. They are warm and friendly no matter how much you are spending and worth the trip into the city. What is usually a vibrant business was now empty. Store employees were milling about the entrance, when they are usually behind the counter filling orders as the cashier rapidly serves those at the counter. But today, no one.


So now standing in front of this business operator; both him and I empty of emotion; and the store empty of customers, the reality of this year’s Schenectady campaign against minority businesses hit hard. The sentiment of valueless lives had passed to even the street service personnel, whose salaries these businesses paid. Alas, as I looked over my shoulder on the street, I saw the counter man abandoned his post to take his place in the doorway along with the other employees, while a blonde chippy cheerleader in a hard hat held her orange flag to her chest as she stood beside the pole. Emergency No Parking sign flapping in the breeze.

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Schenectady mayor holds event to attract real estate agents – Local Politics

Since the mid-1990’s Schenectady‘s administration auctions off defaulted properties to the public, through Randy Passano, Collar City Auctions ( .  Generally, homes and single lots start at $50+.  (take the time to tour the homes on available dates listed on the website).  . Schenectady, NY

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Mystery of Gosling’s motorcycle – Times Union

An article in the April New York Rider Magazine claims somebody swiped Ryan Gosling‘s motorcycle while the actor was in the area for the 2011 filming of “The Place Beyond The Pines.”

Curious for details, I called Schenectady Police Chief Brian Kilcullen, who said the alleged theft was news to him. Coincidentally, I dialed the chief on Thursday, the same night director Derek Cianfrance and producer Alex Orlovsky were in town for the movie’s Schenectady premiere.

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Murder defendant to testify at trial – Times Union

SCHENECTADY — The Brooklyn drug dealer and reputed Bloods gang member on trial charges that he gunned down popular Schenectady High School basketball player Eddie Stanley at a Mont Pleasant house party in 2011 will take the stand, his attorney said.

Cheryl Coleman, who is representing James “H-O” Wells, made the disclosure Wednesday during a legal skirmish with Chief Assistant District Attorney Philip Mueller.

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