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Harlem has always been the east coast mecca for Black culture and art. I remember my days at Hunter College, trolling the uptown bookstores for that rare author. With this tradition Alvin Irby‘s project, Barbershop Boys, recognizes and meets the challenges that prevent young Black youth from developing a healthy love for books.   

NBC Today: How Barbershop Books Is Getting Young Boys Excited About Reading

In 2013, former kindergarten and first-grade teacher Alvin Irby launched “Barbershop Books,” an initiative that targets young black boys who frequent barbershops and aims to improve their reading comprehension by encouraging them to dive into the world of literature. 

The Barbershop Books website describes its purpose: “To close the reading gap for young black boys by using child-centered, culturally relevant, and high-impact strategies.” According to the White House, 86 percent of black boys are below proficient reading levels by the fourth grade, compared to 58 percent of white boys in the same category. 


Barbershop Books

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Study: Reading Fiction Makes People Comfortable With Ambiguity

Critical Reading

A trio of University of Toronto scholars, led by psychologist Maja Djikic, report that people who have just read a short story have less need for what psychologists call “cognitive closure.” Compared with peers who have just read an essay, they expressed more comfort with disorder and uncertainty—attitudes that allow for both sophisticated thinking and greater creativity.

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Gurrrl, You Just Have to Read This! The 2013 Clutch Reading Challenge | Clutch Magazine

Gurrrl, You Just Have to Read This! The 2013 Clutch Reading Challenge

readingThis is what happens when bookish black women start talking about good literature on a lazy holiday weekday. I asked folks on Twitter andFacebook to help me craft a list of 10 books by black women that everyone should read. Instead of 10, I got 100.