First African Designed Smartphone, Tablet Hit Market:

First African Designed Smartphone, Tablet Hit Market: Congolese entrepreneur Verone Mankou wants his tech startup VMK to be for Africa what Apple is for the U.S. and Samsung is for Asia. That is, he wants the majority of people on the continent to use the African-designed smartphone and tablet he is making.

VMK makes a tablet called Way-C, which means “the light of the stars,” and now a smartphone called Elikia, which means “hope.”

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The tablet is the size of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab and costs $300. The Android-based smartphone costs $170 without a contract. Please Like Us and join the conversation on Twitter for the latest on Art, Fashion, Culture and History>>> http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ramomartcom/217464858331564?ref=hl Twitter https://twitter.com/Ramomarnyc http://www.ramomart.com

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Pew study: Blacks may have voted at higher rate than whites for 1st time in history | theGrio

Pew study: Blacks may have voted at higher rate than whites for 1st time in history | theGrio.

Although blacks make up 12 percent of the so-called “eligible electorate”, 13 percent of the ballots cast for president were African-American voters.


Take Your Children Out of Government Schools :


Take Your Children Out of Government Schools :.

Many American government run schools are largely becoming bastions of ignorance and underachievement. In short, many schools are not doing their job.

Add your tWhile conversing on the topic and my thoughts, my colleagues in the office agreed that she looked fabulous, and explained that as a black woman in a pretty nit-picky and white-washed industry, she probably wasn’t fully comfortable with her hair yet, and clearly not ready to show it off. I felt that. But one co-worker said she could see why Davis had been so particular about showing off her natural hair in a way that had me thinking. She said, “You know, a lot of people used to say that natural hair wasn’t formal.”houghts here… (optional)


Dozens Wounded in China School Knife Attack: It’s Time to Ban Sharp Objects


Ban all tools and weapons?

Ban all tools and weapons?

Dozens Wounded in China School Knife Attack: It’s Time to Ban Sharp Objects
When gun control legislation is put into place, every gun in the civilization does not disappear; they are not thrown into some magical vortex where they will never be seen again.
Those guns aren’t destroyed, and they are certainly not “controlled”, they are simply moved. They are taken from millions of individuals and placed in the hands of one group.


‘Selective national outrage against rape’ | Causes |

‘Selective national outrage against rape’ | Causes |.

In a nation where scores of women are daily molested, raped, and humiliated, why only few cases get the attention they deserve and the others don’t? What are the factors that determine which issue gets media attention and which does not? Does the background of the victim matter?

Rwanda revisited with Mahmood Mamdani’s When Victims Become Killers

Teaching African History or Politics this semester? Don’t forget to add “When Victims Become Killers: Colonialism, Nativism, and the Genocide in Rwanda” by Mahmood Mamdani to your suggested reading list.


Cougars: Another Woman’s Journey

In an age of enlightenment, “again,” we are now ruminating over old modes of thinking and finding most of the time that old taboos are back in style. So it seems with the term, Cougar. The TV show “Cougars” revamped something that folks had the sense to only whisper about. Then again, they only whispered it if someone spied one of the neighborhood boys creeping out of a woman’s back door. I read a blog recently that questioned the impact of the word Cougar in 2010. Here was my response:

If you really want to understand why educated women become insulted being called a “Cougar,” read the Audre Lorde essay, “The Erotic as Power.” Your argument is outside of the context of womanhood (although well meant). As a man in a society defined by men, relating to a woman’s perspective beyond the sexual is non-existent. Regardless of how intelligent men proclaim a woman to be, her scale of intelligence is always based on his (as any human), and subconsciously, exceptional in-spite of her sex appeal. Speaking from a divorced 52-year-old African American woman’s perspective, the majority of younger men who are doing well are attracted to older women for their mature out look and economic prowess. The younger men who are not doing well, need some place to live. This is a personal experience and is not a blanket statement of younger men. They always need or want something, not necessarily monetary. Older single women have usually been through experiences that have left them drained and really do not want to mother or be fathered. They are usually self-maintained or it would benefit them more to seek out older well-established men. So leaving the sexuality at the door, educated Africans are realizing that older women are an asset that the African community can’t live without. We are the griots of culture,  the power of nature, the harbingers of secrets, and the wives of a tired culture that still has not learned to respect itself first; therefore call their motherheads Cougars.

Not a single word in the entire collection of world dictionaries has raised the hair on the back of my neck as the word Cougar. No disrespect to the fine actors on the show,  Cougars, but women of substance have an obligation to boycott and protest against anything that teaches our young women that sexual power is not worth preserving.

Afterdeath: The Fifth Bell – Time Like These

Economic faults, climates gone crazy, obesity, smoking anything rolled in paper, tobacco, tobacco rolled in paper. We are falling apart. Piece by piece. In the midst of this bad news, we have holiday cheer, and folks resurrecting the argument of whether we should celebrate December 25th  with reverence denoting the birth of Christ; or is Santa Claus more appropriate in a free society? So much drama for new a century bent on becoming more educated, stronger, wiser, and healthier than the last.

There were two women arguing, at the cash register of a major department store, as to whether computers are making or breaking down human communication. In the midst of their conversation, one woman’s cellphone rang. She excused herself to answer the call. The other woman rolled her eyes and turned her back to the other. “See that’s what I’m talking about,” she exclaimed when she heard the other woman conclude her call. “We can’t finish a conversation without technology interrupting.”

“That was my father. My mother just passed away.”

“Well couldn’t it have waited until you got home?”

While we fall apart together, can we afford to still banter on about personal annoyances? The example above may be extreme to some, but when it comes to saving the world, it is doubtful. The claim of community in America falls short of its mark in the face of major inconsistencies. Free enterprise leaves little room for community when individuals seek out each other as fair game in the rush for property, purse, and enterprise. We want to slow our carbon foot print, yet on a personal level few want to make the sacrifices necessary to make this possible. To our detriment, we will buy Styrofoam cups because they are on sale, yet sign petitions for climate legislation. We refuse to read product labels for harmful chemical contents, yet complain when we stand on long lines at the emergency room. Our selfishness is our inconvenience.

During a time of Afterdeath, we have the moments available to rethink our past program. What has brought us to the point in life where we no longer live to enjoy our past labors? Where did we go wrong in our responsibility to our family, neighborhood, nation, and the world we live in? How will we as an individual, on a new journey, calculate our future worth, promise, and debt? If these questions are not asked, we leave ourselves open to the parasites ready to put us back into the game.   When I complained to a minister, a few months ago, about the failure of society to live up to its promise, she answered me thus, “Don’t hate the player.  Hate the game.” It surprised me. First because she was a minister, second because she was a mother of two young boys. Her answer is not personal but prophetic of what our society has taken to be normal. The dog eat dog.

The technological world is a prime example of the Afterdeath experience. Whatever we relish internally, we will find it on the internet. There are people who surf the web daily and pass over pornography advertisements when or if they appear. Still many demonize the internet and technology as a whole. It may be that they are fearful of newness in any form on a personal level. If the unknown is fearful to those in the Afterdeath, it must be the first thing to go. The fear is what will keep the individual stalled in the turnstile of social services; buried in a life of those seeking to devour someone – anyone.