Black Then | The Price Slave Women Paid For The “Birth” Of Modern Gynecology

Dr. James Marion Sims was heralded as the father of gynecology, yet at whose expense?

Since the mid- twentieth century, academia has debated whether Sims was an ingenuous doctor who furthered the progression of medical science for women or a 19th monster who conducted painful unethical experiments on women who couldn’t say “No.”

In 1993 Durrenda Ojanuga, Ph.D. wrote that the problem with Sims’ experiments were that he used the institution of slavery to harbor human guinea pigs to perfect his procedures. Violating all concepts of human rights and medical ethics, the women were property subject to Sims’ trial and error experiments.

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Foods That Damage Your Teeth | BlackDoctor

There are certain foods that damage your teeth. While nobody looks forward to a dentist appointment, the slight discomfort from a routine exam or cleaning is nothing compared to the pain (not to mention the expense) of procedures such as fillings and root canals. Wouldn’t it be nice to just not have to deal with any of it? Well, there is a way you can, and it calls for strategic eating.

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