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Trevor Noah turns African stereotypes on America – This Is Africa | #OYRchallenge

 Appearing on the the hit American satirical news show, The Daily Show, South African comedian Trevor Noah, spoke with the host, Jon Stewart about his anxiety around visiting the United States

It actually is quite silly but, if you really think about it, most of the stuff Trevor Noah highlights here has a touch of truth with it.

Using current affairs as a point of comic departure, Noah, expresses his fear of American police, comparing them to the brutal apartheid police of the old South Africa. With sharp irony, he also launches an offensive on the US’s attitude to Ebola ‘in Africa’ (stating a funny but true fact about Ebola statistics between South Africa & the US). And, of course, what would current affairs comedy be without a jab at Bob Geldof’s silly Band Aid 30 initiative.

via Trevor Noah turns African stereotypes on America – This Is Africa.

What Jon Stewart REALLY Said At Fox News

When Bill O’Reilly aired his interview with Jon Stewart, he included several exchanges in which The Daily Show host slammed Fox News for its bias and lack of credibility. Countdown‘s Keith Olbermann reveals parts of the interview that didn’t air in which Stewart won arguments with a great deal of cogent analysis.