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Killer Mike On Real Time With Bill Maher

Bill Maher has the habit of placing rap artists in the idiot chair. Jay Z (video included) is a Maher favorite, yet even Jay Z grows visibly disturbed at some of the Maher character’s comments. Few, however, rise to the challenge as did Killer Mike.

Bill: “What do you say to people who link crime and violence to Hip Hop?”

The lesson began.

Published on May 16, 2015

Killer Mike rose to the challenge in the most glorious fashion possible. He educated, leaving Maher without his usual closing jab.  It is about educating liberals that championing selected causes, highlighting African American representation, familiarizing themselves with the African American discourse does not validate their “I am not a racist” card. Their slips are showing.

It is also about educating African American conservatives that Hip Hop has a history, methodology, and civil reason for being that they should embrace or quietly slink away.

Watch Killer Mike takes over Maher’s spotlight. We need more Killer Mikes.

Jay Z interview on Real Time with Bill Maher

Published on Jan 9, 2014

Trayvon Martin Protests and the Misdirection of the Racially Showcased

Black outrage over the racist injustice system that allowed killer George Zimmerman walk free is being misdirected by the usual suspects but now the Slave-Ship-Hop rapper Jay Z is trying to associate himself with social justice movements when most of his musical career he has been engaged in promoting negative behavior. Who knows what the true motives are of the racially showcased weapons of mass confusion who exists as social controls. Don’t be fooled, keep your third eye open.

2013 Grammy Award Performances: Miguel, Rihanna, Jay-Z & More Hit The Stage! | Celebrity News & Style for Black Women

There’s only one night of the year when every genre of music can live together under one house and be broadcasted into the homes of millions of adoring fans. The Grammy Awards are the ultimate musical experience. From country to rock and R&B to hip-hop, the hottest entertainers of the moment are all dressed up and ready to command the stage!

Watch as they perform the hits that got them there in the first place!

via 2013 Grammy Award Performances: Miguel, Rihanna, Jay-Z & More Hit The Stage! | Celebrity News & Style for Black Women.


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