A Black Mississippi Judge’s Breathtaking Speech To Three White Murderers : Code Switch : NPR

Walton goes on to explain that “there is something different about Mississippi; something almost unspeakably primal and vicious; something savage unleashed there that has yet to come to rest.” To prove his point, he notes that, “[o]f the 40 martyrs whose names are inscribed in the national Civil Rights Memorial in Montgomery, AL, 19 were killed in Mississippi.” “How was it,” Walton asks, “that half who died did so in one state?” — My Mississippi, Your Mississippi and Our Mississippi.

via A Black Mississippi Judge’s Breathtaking Speech To Three White Murderers : Code Switch : NPR.

Janet Jackson- Discipline Live From Rock Witchu Tour (HIGH QUALITY)

Janet Jackson is a living legend. She is ranked as one of the top ten best-selling artists in the history of contemporary music. Besides possessing a heavenly voice and a unique writing style, she’s also a very accomplished dancer, choreographer, actress, author, set and costume designer, director, humanitarian, and now an upcoming movie producer. Her musical style, choreography, lyrical exploration, and self-awareness have made her one the top artists of our time as well as a leading influence on the upcoming stars of today and tomorrow.

Before the age of 25, she had already sold more than 40 million albums, awarded numerous of prestigious awards such as Grammys, billboard awards, American music awards (won 4 out 12 nominations- a record that she still holds), and various other ASCAP, BMI, humanitarian, and NAACP awards. President Bush even commended her album Rhythm Nation in 1990!

She is also the only artist in HISTORY to have #1’s off one album in 3 calendar years. Her “Rhythm Nation” tour, the first of her career, set box office records around the world, and stills hold the record as the most success premiere tour of any artist. “That’s the Way Love Goes” remained at number one for eight weeks—the most successful chart performance of any member of the Jackson family! Her album “janet.” is the 1st album by a woman to debut at #1! She posses the most soul train awards in history. Janet also currently posses the most billboard awards in history!

Today, Janet has sold over 150 million albums, 6#1 albums, over 35 #1 singles, multiple #1 movies, #1 New York Best Seller and Amazon book seller, ground breaking records in magazine sales, tour sells, Emmy Awards, HBO specials, interview specials, and various other legend awards since 1990. She is the ONLY artist to receive Grammy nominations in Dance, Pop, Rap, Rock, and R&B categories. Janet is also the 1ST female artist in history to have an album to debut at #1 (janet album) which also had the highest debut by any female artist in history! In 2001, MTV presented Janet with the inaugural MTV ICON Award solidifying her accomplishments and affect on pop culture. She is 1ST and ONLY solo artist to be inaugurated as an Icon. The title of ICON was and continues to be hers and ONLY hers. She has layed the blue print for EVERY female artist today, and they ALL copy her! She’s a great humble person that is a living legend. ICON!