François Hollande

PressTV – Bankrupt Paris on colonial adventure across Africa: Abayomi Azikiwe

An analyst says with job minister Michel Sapin’s announcement that France is bankrupt it is plain to see why it is intervening militarily in resource-rich Mali.In the background of this international criticism is growing over human rights abuses by Malian troops – the UN has accused the country’s army of carrying out multiple summary executions. French President Francois Hollande has visited the West African country of Mali. The country is coping with a French military intervention working with the Malian army with the stated purpose to weed out terrorist cells that have taken over significant areas and have engaged in foreign hostage taking in neighboring Algeria. These terror groups are reportedly from Libya used by the French and it’s Western allies to topple the Libyan government and secure oil fields etc of that country. Observers also speculate that humanitarian reasons is not the only reason why France has intervened militarily in Mali as the country possesses energy and precious metal resources and war may help or distract from serious economic woes at home in France.

via PressTV – Bankrupt Paris on colonial adventure across Africa: Abayomi Azikiwe.