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Brooklyn Magazine features Black Owned Restaurant Month. Food is how cultures keep their traditions alive. Wherever populations roam, the one thing they can always bring with them are their recipes – the kitchen smells, salty sweet tastes on their tongues. So for Brooklyn, one of the most diverse boroughs of New York City, the food industry is an introduction to multiple cultures. Why highlight Black Restaurants? Brooklyn Magazine reaches out to Brooklyn’s most prominent Black restauranteers and patrons for the answer.

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“Black Americans make up just 13 percent of the U.S. population and will have a buying power of $1.4 trillion by 2019,” Jamilah points out, “but how much of that money flows back into our communities?” As rents in New York City rise (and rise, and rise), long-standing businesses struggle to stay afloat. Historically, gentrification has disproportionately displaced minority communities, and with them, minority-owned businesses. BORM is one of many relatively new resources designed to foster support for businesses owned by African Americans, including the online directory Support Black Owned and apps like Around the Way, which locates nearby black-owned businesses. BORM is designed to celebrate some excellent restaurants that New York City Restaurant Week might’ve missed, and also to foster support for businesses in communities facing gentrification.

BORM lasts from September 9th to 30th, with 13 restaurants in Brooklyn and Harlem offering custom $35 three-course prix-fixe menus from Monday to Wednesday each week. Here, participating Brooklyn restaurant owners tell their stories and offer sneak peeks of their prix-fixe menus.

Allie B’s Cozy Kitchen brings Southern Cooking to Albany

mertonkizzycropAlbany County Legislator Merton Simpson Jr. and guests dined at one of Albany’s newest eateries, Allie B’s Cozy Kitchen, located at 353 Clinton Ave. Allie B’s features appetizing southern cooking with that homemade style. And yes, it was a mouthful. An April 2014 article in the Troy Record offered this quote, which I find most interesting:

“The business named for her mother, Allie B Berthea, a native of South Carolina. In her lifetime, Allie B cooked for prominent religious officials, City Council officials, State Legislators, Congressional representatives, and a New York City mayor and New York State governor.”

Kizzy Williams, a former Harlem resident, provides a warm and inviting atmosphere. Meals include ample servings of baked or barbecue chicken, fried fish, and barbecue pork ribs. Each meal includes three sides guaranteed to make your mouth water. Kizzy William’s family owned and operated Allie B’s Cozy Kitchen brings the ambiance and the legacy of her mother’s kitchen to your table with heaping portions of sweet potatoes, rice and beans, macaroni salad, potato salad, collard greens and more. foodkizzycrop

Last Thanksgiving, Williams provided 50 dinners to the public. She plans to double this number next year. Williams offers free delivery and catering for affairs with hundreds of guests. Her determination to secure a place for her family within the Albany community drives Williams’ willingness to contribute to her community as a partner and entrepreneur. We are truly blessed.

See the website: or call: (518) 729-3472 for further details.

Sterling Fresh Foods LLC | Wendell Pierce

Sterling Fresh Foods LLC, was initiated by actor and director, Wendell Pierce.
Sterling Farms Foods brings supermarket services to the inner-cities. Bring a supermarket to YOUR inner-city neighborhood. With a purchase of $50.00 or more, Shuttle services available to take you home. Black Businessmen are addressing even our most simple concerns. Until YOU bring this convenience to your neighborhood, order online:
“Wendell Pierce is an internationally recognized actor, director, producer, and developer.”

Genetically Modified Foods – PM Express on Joy News (20-6-13)

Only in our world, we win awards for destroying people and our planet.

Foods That Damage Your Teeth | BlackDoctor

There are certain foods that damage your teeth. While nobody looks forward to a dentist appointment, the slight discomfort from a routine exam or cleaning is nothing compared to the pain (not to mention the expense) of procedures such as fillings and root canals. Wouldn’t it be nice to just not have to deal with any of it? Well, there is a way you can, and it calls for strategic eating.

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Foods You Should Stop Buying Immediately | Healthy Black Woman

We all know that not all foods that we buy from our supermarkets and grocery stores are made equal. While some foods will feed us while nourishing us, others will also introduce toxins into our bodies. Sadly, food has gotten worse and worse over the years as corporations have found more and more creative ways to increase their profits and increase our desire for food that has no or very little nutritional value.

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Venus Williams’ Vegan Diet | BlackDoctor | Page 2

Venus Williams wearing a blue t-shirt

A vegetarian diet is one of the common recommendations for people suffering from Sjogren’s Syndrome. Since it is considered an autoimmune disease, the dietary changes for Sjogren’s aim to reduce the impact of inflammation. Patients are advised to change to a vegetarian diet while increasing the amount of vitamins and minerals they consume from food sources.

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Healthy Winter Foods | BlackDoctor

In some parts of the country, it’s so cold you don’t even want to step outside to make that trip to the gym and comfort foods are so just easy to grab these days. We get it. But there is a way to lose weight by eating certain foods this winter. Stock up your pantry this season with the following fat-fighting foods and stay fit!

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The Best Workout Foods | BlackDoctor

It turns out that the food you eat can do more than replenish the stores of energy and fluid you lose while exercising — some can help you get more from your workout, as well as aid your endurance and recovery.

Here are five foods to make your workout easier:

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Help! I Don’t Have Time To Cook Healthy! | BlackDoctor

The result? You end up seeing less of your kitchen and more of that fast food drive-through.

So, when you’re super short on time, try these quick and easy breakfast, lunch, and dinner options — that don’t involve cooking!

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