How Mixed Are African Americans?

(The Root) — 100 Amazing Facts About the Negro No. 18: How much African ancestry does the average African American have?

A few years ago, it occurred to me that it might be fun to try to trace the family trees of a group of African Americans all the way back to slavery, and then when the paper trail disappeared, analyze their DNA through biologist Rick Kittles‘ company, AfricanAncestry.com.

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Smoking Smothers Your Genes – ScienceNOW

Cigarettes leave you with more than a smoky scent on your clothes and fingernails. A new study has found strong evidence that tobacco use can chemically modify and affect the activity of genes known to increase the risk of developing cancer. The finding may give researchers a new tool to assess cancer risk among people who smoke.

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Simple blood test that predicts if breast cancer is likely to return

Breast Cancer

Test detects genetic changes in DNA that could signal return of most common form of breast cancer

Early warning could spare some women unnecessary treatment with gruelling anti-cancer drugs


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