When Police Violate the Constitution

English: NYPD Dodge Charger #2909 in midtown M...

English: NYPD Dodge Charger #2909 in midtown Manhattan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



The federal courts are bearing down on the New York City Police Department’s constitutionally suspect stop-and-frisk program, under which hundreds of thousands of citizens are stopped on the streets each year, often illegally and for no discernible reason. Earlier this month, the federal judge who is presiding over three lawsuits that challenge different parts of the program issued her harshest ruling yet, putting the city on notice that some aspects of stop and frisk are clearly unconstitutional.


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The Iroquois Constitution – more than 500 years old

Iroquois Constitution was constructed more than 500 years ago; before the United States came into being.

Rights, Duties and  Qualifications of Lords

Election of Pine Tree Chiefs

Names, Duties and Rights of War Chiefs

Clans and Consanguinity Official Symbolism

Laws of Adoption

Laws of Emigration Rights of Foreign Nations

Rights and Powers of War

Treason or Secession of a Nation

Rights of the People of the Five Nations

Religious Ceremonies Protected

The Installation Song

Protection of the House Funeral Addresses