New Polls: Baby Boomers Find Conservatism Depressing (VIDEO)

Two new polls published by Gallup offer an interesting look at the Baby Boomer Generation, those Americans born between 1946 and 1964. Researchers at Gallup found Boomers are more than likely to be of a conservative ideology when it comes to their politics, and also show a significant rate of depression. Perhaps it’s not surprising that we often consider conservatives as old people who seem to be angry about everything. While Boomers may not think of themselves as old, most will admit to being pissed off about something most of time.

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How Right-Wingers in Congress Came to Represent a Whole Different Country | Alternet

With an assist from some long-term demographic trends, House Republicans have redistricted, propagandized and policed themselves into another country.

As a result, they have become unmoored from the political incentives that typically drive law-makers’ decision-making process. Public opinion no longer sways them, and that is creating a potentially insurmountable problem for the party establishment’s efforts to broaden the GOP’s appeal beyond angry old white people.

House Republicans may care about the GOP’s national fortunes in the abstract, but too many are impervious to what the public at large wants because of the nature of the districts they represent. At the same time, a steady stream of spin from the conservative media provides insulation from the realities of American politics, and deep-pocketed outside groups punish Republicans for any deviation from right-wing orthodoxy.

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