First Look At Angela Bassett & Mary J. Blige As Betty Shabazz & Coretta Scott King In ‘Betty & Coretta’ | Shadow and Act

Angela Bassett

First Look At Angela Bassett & Mary J. Blige As Betty Shabazz & Coretta Scott King In ‘Betty & Coretta’ | Shadow and Act.

Mary J. Blige will play Betty Shabazz, and Angela Bassett will play Coretta Scott King.

Malik Yoba will play Martin Luther King Jr, while, Lindsay Owen Pierre is playing Malcolm X in the movie.


Michael Specter: Exploring the Human Microbiome – StumbleUpon

Michael Specter: Exploring the Human Microbiome – StumbleUpon


Helicobacter pylori may be the most successful pathogen in human history. While not as deadly as the bacteria that cause tuberculosis, cholera, and the plague, it infects more people than all the others combined. H. pylori, which migrated out of Africa along with our ancestors, has been intertwined with our species for at least two hundred thousand years. Although the bacterium occupies half the stomachs on earth, its role in our lives was never clear. Then, in 1982, to the astonishment of the medical world, two scientists, Barry Marshall and J. Robin Warren, discovered that H. pylori is the principal cause of gastritis and peptic ulcers; it has since been associated with an increased risk of stomach cancer as well. Until that discovery, for which the men shared a Nobel Prize, in 2005, stress, not an infection, was assumed to be the major cause of peptic ulcers.

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Nomalanga: The Fallacy of Being a Modern Black Woman | Black Blue Dog

via Nomalanga: The Fallacy of Being a Modern Black Woman | Black Blue Dog.

I have always maintained that women should have the right to choose what they want for themselves, as far as their lives go. I believe that if a woman wants to work and focus on her career, she has every right to, and where possible, I believe a woman should be able to stay home and focus on her family and home, if she so chooses. If a woman wants to remain single all her life, so be it. If a woman does not want children, I say “more power to [her]“.

Pew study: Blacks may have voted at higher rate than whites for 1st time in history | theGrio

Pew study: Blacks may have voted at higher rate than whites for 1st time in history | theGrio.

Although blacks make up 12 percent of the so-called “eligible electorate”, 13 percent of the ballots cast for president were African-American voters.


JB aka Dirty Moses “Box Lunch #69”

JB aka Dirty Moses “Box Lunch #69”

Published on Jul 18, 2012


Subs & Grubs
117 So. Pearl St.
Albany, NY 12202

produced by the incredible PJ Katz @PJKatzmusic (twitter)

written by JB aka Dirty Moses @jstbcz (twitter)
Shot by DizzyDot518Films and Ira McKenzie
Edited and Directed by Musa Zwana for HollywoodHustleFilms


Cougars: Another Woman’s Journey

In an age of enlightenment, “again,” we are now ruminating over old modes of thinking and finding most of the time that old taboos are back in style. So it seems with the term, Cougar. The TV show “Cougars” revamped something that folks had the sense to only whisper about. Then again, they only whispered it if someone spied one of the neighborhood boys creeping out of a woman’s back door. I read a blog recently that questioned the impact of the word Cougar in 2010. Here was my response:

If you really want to understand why educated women become insulted being called a “Cougar,” read the Audre Lorde essay, “The Erotic as Power.” Your argument is outside of the context of womanhood (although well meant). As a man in a society defined by men, relating to a woman’s perspective beyond the sexual is non-existent. Regardless of how intelligent men proclaim a woman to be, her scale of intelligence is always based on his (as any human), and subconsciously, exceptional in-spite of her sex appeal. Speaking from a divorced 52-year-old African American woman’s perspective, the majority of younger men who are doing well are attracted to older women for their mature out look and economic prowess. The younger men who are not doing well, need some place to live. This is a personal experience and is not a blanket statement of younger men. They always need or want something, not necessarily monetary. Older single women have usually been through experiences that have left them drained and really do not want to mother or be fathered. They are usually self-maintained or it would benefit them more to seek out older well-established men. So leaving the sexuality at the door, educated Africans are realizing that older women are an asset that the African community can’t live without. We are the griots of culture,  the power of nature, the harbingers of secrets, and the wives of a tired culture that still has not learned to respect itself first; therefore call their motherheads Cougars.

Not a single word in the entire collection of world dictionaries has raised the hair on the back of my neck as the word Cougar. No disrespect to the fine actors on the show,  Cougars, but women of substance have an obligation to boycott and protest against anything that teaches our young women that sexual power is not worth preserving.

Afterdeath: The Sixth Bell – Simplistic Power

Power for the powerless is examined in quite a few texts. Self-help literature sells more than most literary markets, with exception of the Bible. Even the Bible can be classified among the Self-Help genre if utilized effectively. So no one is truly powerless. They are power ignorant, at best. A patriarch or matriarch is powerful in his or her ability to marshal family resources, and manipulate its members. So it is with managers and CEOs of businesses. Politicians are effective through their ability to accumulate and utilize the power of a community, nation, or any universe. It is the individual power of a number of people that denotes the sway and ability of one to have a voice.  Gangs control an entire neighborhood as long as the power of each member remains dedicated to that purpose. Why do you feel powerless in the Afterdeath phases of your life?  What you perceived as leverage in a world of hidden power has been removed. It could be health, money, physical and mental independence, geography, or any other parameter of symbolic organized power. That only means it is time for you to reorganize the power within yourself.

For some, the Afterdeath is a curse. All has been lost and the individual looks, feels, and thinks like someone pulled from a major auto accident; still alive but barely. They see it as failure or disgrace. For others, the Afterdeath phase becomes a reawakening of simplistic power. Simplistic power, for this piece, is the power inherent in all and pursued by everyone. Take a metropolitan clothing store for instance. The store had been busy for at least two hours at the end of the day shift. The evening shift is arriving. Sales clerk 1 is 15 minutes late.  Sales clerk 2 is 30 minutes late. Still another, Sales clerk 3, is 1 hour late, with a plausible excuse. Customers sift through table items until each display table is unmanageable. The manager attempts to field customers’ questions, but is overrun. He becomes combative with those he considers least likely to purchase major items. Customers become agitated and begin to leave without a purchase.

Every customer in the store was equal in power, yet unequal in their ability to use it. Luckily in most metropolitan areas there are a variety of venues to purchase goods and services. Each customer had the power to search out that coat, hat, etc… at another location. It may take some longer to realize it than others. There are those who are easily diverted from their original motivations and get caught up in the extraneous, like demanding attention or acknowledgement of their importance in any situation. In the Afterdeath phase, this is dangerous. Stick to the point. Don’t get diverted from your purpose. Let others have their 2 seconds of fame while you continue on your journey. Why did I cut the 15 minutes to 2 seconds? You don’t have the time.

At the weekly employee meeting, the manager tightens the policy on lateness and absence. His tone is threatening, vulgar, and demeaning. Where was the simplistic power in this scenario? The manager imagined the power to vent his unbridled frustrations. Was it the manager’s ability to fire the tardy employees? You would think so. But in actuality the power actually laid with the first person who frowned their lips, sucked their teeth, and headed for the door without a purchase. There was also the power of the individual (simplistic) and collective power of the employees to consider. With all of the manager’s power to relieve others of a livelihood, his careless use of this power damaged him.

Let us examine the employees at the weekly meeting.  Each employee received the same message from the manager. They each had collective and individual reactions. The measure of simplistic power in each individual is the same. They can take the trashing and learn to prepare better for appointments, which will definitely be an asset to any individual. But in the perfect world, there are still unseen complications. Sales clerk 1 took an important phone call just as she was ready to leave for work. She may reassess her actions by weighing the chastisement against the importance of the call. Sales clerk 2 slipped and fell on ice two blocks from his home. He returned home to address a bloody nose.  Assessing that the nose was not broken, he went in to work. He may feel quite undone by the manager’s attitude. Sales clerk 3 advised the manager two weeks earlier of a doctor’s appointment, which, with travel time, would stretch and hour into her shift. She was scheduled for surgery in two weeks and would also have to take time for recuperation. Will this affect her job in the future? Two of the three, Sales clerk 2 and 3 were bound by their obligations to their health in this scenario. Their simplistic power used properly will either, after close assessment of the salary and future prospects, bring them to choose other employment or battle through an abusive experience. Regardless of the circumstances, they have the power to cause a business to lose viable assets. The business must then use unnecessary resources to train new people. Small retail businesses find it difficult to hire legal, loyal employees, who will work hard at minimal pay.

The Afterdeath experience becomes cultivated ground for training your simplistic power. The aim is to cut down on loss of time and resources while recovering self.  After all you have already lost, utilizing your personal power effectively improves your mental, physical, social, and economic health exponentially.