Black Women: State of the Union

Black Women: State of the Union

On this first day of the New Year we are THRILLED to announce that BWSOTU will be coming back in Feb for a limited run at Company Of Angels Theater (where it all started in 2009…) MARK YOUR CALENDARS AND STAY TUNED FOR DETAILS!!!!

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Decolonizing the African Mind

In the American context, decolonizing the African mind means reversing the seasoning process. For those millions of African POWs who survived the horrors of the middle passage, seasoning was a three to four year period of intense and often brutal slave making at the hands and feet of their European captors and their agents. Because it capitalized on our innate, human fear of pain and death, seasoning was so effective as a pacification method that North American slave owners gladly paid a premium for “seasoned” Africans from the Caribbean. For enslaved Africans, seasoning, when successful, laid the foundation for a lifetime of faithful, obedient service to their master and his children. Click on the link to read the comprehensive article: Decolonizing the African Mind