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Man Sues Parents For Not Getting Enough Love As A Child | The Urban Daily

32 year-old Bernard Anderson Bey filed a lawsuit claiming he and his younger sibling were raised in the poorest of conditions and weren’t given the right amount of love to turn into a productive citizen. Because of this, he’s suing his parents for $200,000. Considering Bey’s parents don’t have much money, Bey’s parents Bernard and Vickie Manley will have to mortgage their home to pay off the potential sum. Bernard Bey wants to take the money and buy two Dominos pizza franchises to give everyone in his family a means of income.

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Bed-Stuy Ads Recommend Black People

RISE - Brooklyn

An anonymous group, RISE, is placing ads in bus shelters around Bed-Stuy to remind people that “Racism Still Exists,” the blog Color Lines reports. In a bus shelter on the corner of Nostrand and Halsey, for example, an ad says, “Don’t Want to Get Stopped by the NYPD? STOP BEING BLACK,” and then includes a series of statistics about the racial disparities in the execution of Stop and Frisk. The poster is RISE’s sixth; on the group’s Tumblr—which, like the ads, has no contact information—there are graphics about wealth disparity, smoking, fast food, education and more.

Because racism still exists!

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