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Middle Passage, New York is running a program, Great Explorers Cultural Arts and Literacy Program , engaging students to research their history in America. This research will be utilized by students to create scripts, dance, and other art & performance medium under the guidance of professional artist, writers, and choreographers.

How can you help? Simple donation in support of this program allows you to aid this progressive program, purchase materials, create strong minds, and attend performances and cast party. A win win! #OYRchallenge

The Great Explorers Cultural Arts and Literacy Program  is run by Middle Passage, Inc., a nonprofit organization working to educate children of color in New York City,  in particular, students who feel alienated in traditional schools with their emphasis on high-stakes testing, a foreign cultural environment and a curriculum that fails to meet the needs of a diverse group of students. 

In all our programs, we emphasize Project Based Learning so that families, teachers and community members can work together to help children develop both critical thinking and problem-solving skills — skills that set them up for a lifetime of success and achievement!

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The Iroquois Constitution – more than 500 years old

Iroquois Constitution was constructed more than 500 years ago; before the United States came into being.

Rights, Duties and  Qualifications of Lords

Election of Pine Tree Chiefs

Names, Duties and Rights of War Chiefs

Clans and Consanguinity Official Symbolism

Laws of Adoption

Laws of Emigration Rights of Foreign Nations

Rights and Powers of War

Treason or Secession of a Nation

Rights of the People of the Five Nations

Religious Ceremonies Protected

The Installation Song

Protection of the House Funeral Addresses


President Jacob Zuma: ‘Owning A Dog Is Not African’ | Breaking News for Black America


President Jacob Zuma: ‘Owning A Dog Is Not African’ | Breaking News for Black America.

Since South African President Jacob Zuma (pictured) declared publicly on Wednesday that having a pet dog is not African and Black South Africans who buy a dog and take it for walks are copying white culture, he has come under quite a bit of heat and has since backtracked from his heated accusations, theMail & Guardian reports.

Payback (Trailer) 2012

Margaret Atwood’s visionary work Payback: Debt and the Shadow Side of Wealth is the basis for this riveting and poetic documentary on “debt” in its various forms-societal, personal, environmental, spiritual, criminal, and of course, economic.

“How we think about it changes how it works.” ~ Margaret Atwood