Living a Lie: The Good, Bad and & Ugly | Healthy Black Woman

Almost everyone one of us deceives our minds in one way or another. It is part of human nature. This practice removes negative spots from our lives. When you talk yourself up and deceive your brain from little problems, you could end up having better relationships with people and appear to have more confidence.

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LAPD Sgt. Confirms Dorner’s Accusations of Racism, Tells Dorner to Call Media Before Surrendering | Your Black World

An African-American LAPD officer who is still on the force has reached out to ex-LAPD cop Chris Dorner, confirming some of Dorner’saccusations of racism, and guiding Dorner on how best to turn himself in without being harmed.

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Blacks & Obesity: What Are Today’s Statistics? | BlackDoctor

Statistics of obesity rates in African Americans are greatly alarming. According to Trust for America’s Health Report in July 2011, “F as in Fat: How Obesity Threatens America’s Future”, over 30% of African American residents living in over 41 states are obese or overweight. This is in comparison to the fact that there are only four states in which 30% or more whites are obese.

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Uplifting African-American foster youth | theGrio

Each year during Black History Month we reflect on the contributions African Americans are making to our great country.  It’s become customary this month be used to galvanize African Americans around the issues disproportionately impacting our community.

African-Americans have always been a strong and resilient people – so I have no doubt that despite the numerous challenges facing our community today, we can also take on another that is more than deserving of our time during this month of reflection and mobilization.

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The Archaeology of Race, Shame, and Redemption « Archaeology and Material Culture

The ruins of Rosewood, Florida. First published in Literary Digest magazine on January 20, 1923 (image courtesy wikipedia).On New Year’s Day 1923 a crowd of Whites marched on the Black community of Rosewood, Florida seeking retribution for an alleged assault on a White woman by a Rosewood resident.  A group of White men captured an African American, Sam Carter, and shot him and hung his lifeless body, but by January 4th a brewing mob marched on Rosewood, angered by the suggestion Rosewood had provided refuge to Carter. 

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My American Nurse Part 1 – African Movies

Shehu, a Nigerian cab driver who’s had less than stellar luck with women, recently had the misfortunate of picking up a woman who wasn’t one at all. Out of frustration, Shehu vows to never touch another American woman again. He travels home to Nigeria to find a wife and hang up his bachelor ways. His plan was to find a nurse so she can get certified in the USA and make enough money for him to stay home and drink beer if he chooses. When Shehu returns to the USA with a new wife and a fresh outlook on life, he didn’t count on his new wife learning ways of the African American woman. Now his wife has embraced her new-found identity, and Shehu is stuck trying to figure it all out.

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Centre for Blackness | Thought Leader

Exactly 100 years after Africans were dispossessed of their land and stripped of their identity and heritage, the ANC government has subsidised the opening of the new headquarters for blackness.

This comes in the form of a legacy project worth more than R120 million to promote, protect and preserve the legacy of Black Consciousness visionary leader Steve Bantu Biko.

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Functional Unity Process

Functional Unity is that level and quality of social organization

and structure that naturally aids us (as African/Black People) in building and maintaining power;

Power to control the economic, political and cultural life of our Communities and Nations.

Further, Functional Unity is that necessary system and infrastructure through which we (and all

other social groups) promote and protect our vital interests.

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Toni Morrison: ‘goodness’ more powerful than violence, hate | news @ Northeastern

Toni Mor­rison

World-​​renowned nov­elist Toni Mor­rison said that brutal vio­lence against African-​​Americans was so com­mon­place throughout much of the 20th cen­tury that it was almost casual how it came to shape their lives in that era.

“Each is a story of humil­i­a­tion, of degra­da­tion, and—very often—of blood,” said Mor­rison, a Nobel and Pulitzer Prize-​​winning author. “To revive these sto­ries, to put them on dis­play, is almost as impor­tant as the orig­inal jus­tice could have been.”

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Dr. Amos Wilson Spit Fyah Knowledge 2

Published on Oct 9, 2012
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