‘MeToo’ Creator Tarana Burke Talks Time’s ‘Person Of The Year’ Honor — Black America Web

TIME has named The Silence Breakers – the brave voices who sparked a movement in coming forward with their stories of sexual harassment – as its 2017 Person of the Year. The magazine’s editor-in-chief Edward Felsenthal revealed the selection Wednesday on “Today” along with the cover, a composite group photo that includes actress Ashley Judd,…

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Baltimore violence follows in tragic pattern | Rachel Maddow – MSNBC

Baltimore violence follows in tragic pattern

Rachel Maddow reviews the recent history of civil unrest in response to police violence against people of color, exposed to the public by a series of mostly civilian sourced videos.

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Freddie Gray Is Only the Latest Apparent Victim of Baltimore Police Violence | The Atlantic

This excellent article from The Atlantic explicates the historic violent policing of Baltimore citizens. The video documents an earlier incident where the charges against the defendant were dropped and restitution later paid to the now recognized victim of legalized violence. #FreddieGray #BlackLivesMatter

What’s crucial to understand, as Baltimore residents take to the streets in long-simmering frustration, is that their general grievances are valid regardless of how this case plays out. For as in Ferguson, where residents suffered through years of misconduct so egregious that most Americans could scarcely conceive of what was going on, the people of Baltimore are policed by an entity that perpetrates stunning abuses. The difference is that this time we needn’t wait for a DOJ report to tell us so. Harrowing evidence has been presented. Yet America hasn’t looked.   

I include myself.  

Despite actively reading and commenting on police misconduct for many years, I was unaware until yesterday that the Baltimore Sun published a searing 2014 article documenting recent abuses that are national scandals in their own rights.

A grandmother’s bones were broken. A pregnant woman was violently thrown to the ground. Millions of dollars were paid out to numerous victims of police brutality.

And almost none of us noticed!

So I join all who say that protests in Baltimore should remain peaceful, and I will continue to withhold judgment about Gray’s death until more facts are known.

But I also insist that Baltimore protests are appropriate regardless of what happened to Freddie Gray, as is more federal scrutiny and intervention. Although much was rightly made of Ferguson’s racially unrepresentative local leadership, the presence of a black mayor and a diverse city council has not solved Baltimore’s police problem, partly because the DOJ responded to revelations of epidemic brutality with less than the full-scale civil rights probe that some residents requested and because Maryland pols have thwarted reform bills urged by city leaders.

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Addicting Info – White Cop Mistakes Black NYPD Officer For Criminal And Shoots Him Dead (VIDEO)

Many Blacks and Whites are targeting Al Sharpton for his activism in the #BlackLivesMatter movement, yet he has a long history of speaking out in cases such as this while those same complainers stayed silent. May of 2009 was a dark time for all Black police officers as they spoke to fear of being mistaken for a Black criminal by white officers. The terminology used here is “friendly-fire.”

That’s right. Apparently, even being a police officer isn’t enough to keep a young black man from getting killed by a white cop. Edwards was out of uniform on a plainclothes detail — an earlier Daily News report said he was “off-duty” — and chasing down an actual crime suspect whom he’d caught breaking into a car.

Officer Andrew Dunton saw the chase, and called out, “Police! Stop! Drop it!” When Edwards started to turn around but failed to drop his gun quickly enough, Dunton shot him three times.  It happened on Good Friday, May 9th, 2009, and more recent incidents of excessive lethal force by police against black men proves we’ve learned little or nothing since then. Edwards was only 27 years old, and left behind his wife Danielle and their two young sons.

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“Hanukkah is a victory of the few against the many,” said Rabbi Deborah Gordon.

Protesters say the meaning of Hanukkah also represents the fight of black people against what they call an unfair justice system.

“Black people in this country have been particularly singled out and targeted for police violence and police brutality and we all need to come together to say that that is not acceptable,” said Mark Mishler.

“I have four kids. Three of them are black,” said Rabbi Gordon, who says the protest is personal. “We’re part of a little tiny group that’s been discriminated against in many places over millennia so this is something we know about and there’s a historical alliance between black folks and Jews in the United States from 50 years ago that in some ways we’re trying to renew.”

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What Killed Aiyana Stanley-Jones? | Mother Jones |#OYRchallenge

Aiyana Stanley-Jones, age 7, shot in her bed by Officer Joseph Weekely of Detroit SWAT on May 16, 2010. Out of all the articles published , Charles LeDuff captures this heart wrenching saga best. Not who, but “What Killed Aiyana Stanely-Jones?”Aiyana Stanley-Jones, age 7

The SWAT team tried the steel door to the building. It was unlocked. They threw a flash-bang grenade through the window of the lower unit and kicked open its wooden door, which was also unlocked. The grenade landed so close to Aiyana that it burned her blanket. Officer Joseph Weekley, the lead commando—who’d been featured before on another A&E show, Detroit SWAT—burst into the house. His weapon fired a single shot, the bullet striking Aiyana in the head and exiting her neck. It all happened in a matter of seconds.

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