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Self-Care for Black Women: A Photography Exhibit Focuses on What It Looks Like | The Root

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The Beautiful Project, a Durham, N.C.-based nonprofit, has launched an online exhibit—“The Self Care Exhibit: A Word and Image Act of Self-Preservation and Political Warfare”—to help us see, through a photographic collective, how that self-preservation Sister Audre was referencing takes shape. The organization has long empowered black girls by making them partners in reframing their images in the media, but this is the first time it is applying its unique artistic activism through photography to an issue specific to adult black women.

The concept emerged during a conversation in 2013 when Jamaica Gilmer, a professional photographer gifted in the art of storytelling with her lens, and fellow co-founders of the Beautiful Project, writer and educator Pamela Thompson and educator and activist Erin Stephens, led a discussion with their group of contributors.

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White Supremacy and Global Black Beauty Standards – YouTube

Published on Sep 29, 2014

This is How White Supremacy Works. A primary goal of white supremacy is to tear black people apart.

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OSCARS: Who Was Worst-Dressed? – Yahoo! Movies

Monica Corcoran Harel is contributing to Deadline’s Oscar coverage.

As I like to say, you’re only as good as your last gown. And while no one really spilled blood on the red carpet at the Oscars, a few actresses missed the mark today. Mostly because they just didn’t seem to care enough or try very hard. Jennifer Aniston’s matronly tomato-red Valentino reminded me of a sad little bowl of vanilla ice cream when I’m on a PMS snack binge. Yawn. The classic silhouette also called for more effort with her hair and makeup. She looked like she came straight from Zuma Beach. Kristen Stewart’s cream strapless Reem Acra gown felt like a wishy-washy afterthought for the edgy, young star who fronts for Balenciaga. She appeared sullen, like she was heading for an arranged marriage.

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Short Natural Hair: How I Refresh My Wash n Go (The In-Between Stage)

(I am not sure why the video ended the way it did)This video was recorded in 2010 and it demonstrates how I refresh my wash n go to achieve second day hair. Products used: Suave Naturals as my leave in, and Herbel Essences Set Me Up Gel as my styler. For more information visit:


Natural Hair: My Wash n Go Routine 2011

Natural Hair: My Wash n Go Routine 2011


Image of New Black Barbie Doll Sparks Outrage | Naturally Moi

Many African-Americans find the doll’s appearance offensive, stating that it does not exude the true beauty of African-American women. The truth is, though, the doll strongly resembles imagery of African-American women that is seen in some of the most famous celebrities (e.g. Beyoncé, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, etc.). The only difference I see between Beyoncé, for example, and the doll is that the doll’s skin color is darker than Beyoncé’s. If we want to change the imagery of the African-American woman, we have to start exalting celebrities and other prominent figures in the black community that represent the imagery that we’d like people around the world to embrace

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Top Tips For Maintaining Your Relaxer Between Salon Visits | Coco & Creme

For those of us with relaxed styles, the four-hour visit to the hair salon may not fit into the calendar, so we’ve put our savvy heads together to come up with these tips to keep your coif looking like you just stepped out of the salon.

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