Why is no one talking about Sangulani (Maxwell) Chikumbutso? | Habari Gani, America!

Why is no one talking about Sangulani (Maxwell) Chikumbutso?

Typically, any talk of renewable energy, breaking the laws of physics, and especially new drones is world-class news. The big networks such as CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS slip clips into every spare second available. But since 1999, Chikumbutso’s accomplishments remained largely silenced and ignored by the media, the scientific community, and financial institutions – until now.

Sangulani Maxwell Chikumbutso, the Zimbabwean inventor tells his story - Techzim

Sangulani (Maxwell) Chikumbutso, inventor and owner of Saith Technologies, Zimbabwe Photo by TechZim

TechZim’s biographical article on Sangulani (Maxwell) Chikumbutso founder of Saith Technologies calls Chikumbutso “a Zimbabwean born serial inventor with the typical I dropped out of school, but I am a genius story, synonymous with some of the successful people we know today.” He has been compared to Mark Zuckerburg and Bill Gates because of his similar academic backstory.

via Sangulani Maxwell Chikumbutso, the Zimbabwean inventor tells his story – Techzim.

Allie B’s Cozy Kitchen brings Southern Cooking to Albany

mertonkizzycropAlbany County Legislator Merton Simpson Jr. and guests dined at one of Albany’s newest eateries, Allie B’s Cozy Kitchen, located at 353 Clinton Ave. Allie B’s features appetizing southern cooking with that homemade style. And yes, it was a mouthful. An April 2014 article in the Troy Record offered this quote, which I find most interesting:

“The business named for her mother, Allie B Berthea, a native of South Carolina. In her lifetime, Allie B cooked for prominent religious officials, City Council officials, State Legislators, Congressional representatives, and a New York City mayor and New York State governor.”

Kizzy Williams, a former Harlem resident, provides a warm and inviting atmosphere. Meals include ample servings of baked or barbecue chicken, fried fish, and barbecue pork ribs. Each meal includes three sides guaranteed to make your mouth water. Kizzy William’s family owned and operated Allie B’s Cozy Kitchen brings the ambiance and the legacy of her mother’s kitchen to your table with heaping portions of sweet potatoes, rice and beans, macaroni salad, potato salad, collard greens and more. foodkizzycrop

Last Thanksgiving, Williams provided 50 dinners to the public. She plans to double this number next year. Williams offers free delivery and catering for affairs with hundreds of guests. Her determination to secure a place for her family within the Albany community drives Williams’ willingness to contribute to her community as a partner and entrepreneur. We are truly blessed.

See the website: http://www.AllieBs.com or call: (518) 729-3472 for further details.