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Trevor Noah, The Daily Show, Salon Reviewer Gets It Right | Habari Gani, America!

Salon published a spot on critique of The Daily Show’s new host, Trevor Noah, written by Matt Carotenuto. The article, “Trevor Noah schools racists: “The Daily Show” has an essential new mission and comic voice” should not be taken lightly by any reader. Carotenuto explains the relevance of one who is African and in a power-filled American position. Noah has the ability to have a far-reaching impact on our culture with his comedic voice.

Noah, a South African native, now holds one of the most powerful seats – American main media. He cued his audience in the video advertisement previous to his first show. Social media posted various comments to this video, but the actual symbolism seemed to be lost on the average viewer.

Trevor Noah’s first week as host of the Daily Show showed the promise of someone who will educate America, not only about Africa – but about who we are as Americans beyond the punchlines. I pictured some avid Daily Show viewer in their living room shouting, “Who does he think he is?” This was most evident in Noah’s interview with Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie.

In Daily Show style, Noah began to interview Christie about the politics of his state. Christie tried the “Be careful, I can get to you Black Boy,” inference only to be met with the “Annndd???” gaze. So Noah is the man to maintain his static professionalism and self-awareness in the face of what we in America denote as White Privilege and political might, characteristics he might pass on to the American viewer.

As a Daily Show correspondent, Noah’s brief segments on Africa were palatable only because those who were not culturally educated could yawn their way through it. As the host, Noah sits center stage formulating material for a culture starved and resistant American audience as well as the culturally aware. This tight high profile comedic balance was first achieved by Bert Williams in the early 1900’s, where Williams’ crafty monologues and scenes with his partner George Walker spoke to white and black audiences simultaneous and apart. It was said that at some shows, it was noticeable that whites would roar with laughter in some instances, while Blacks at others; each drawing their own coded messages from the verse. Noah would be smart to study this design.

In reading this article, I found a kindred spirit in Matt Carotenuto. We will both sit on the edge of our seats each night pulling threads, shaking our fist, and hopefully formulating more articles – Noah worthy.


As a teacher/scholar of African studies, I was delighted when South African Trevor Noah was announced as the replacement for Jon Stewart. Drawing from his complex mixed-race heritage and experience growing up in apartheid era South Africa, Noah is a great candidate to critique America’s single stereotypical story of Africa as a place of merely violence, disease and poverty.

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Zimbabwean inventor unveils amazing new prototypes |This is Africa

 Zimbabwean inventor Sangulani Chikumbutso defied at least three laws of physics with his invention of a “self powered generator” reports Malcolm Meja of Zimbabwe’s Business Connect.  You would think such an achievement would gain him world acclaim. This is not the first of Chikumbutso’s inventions. This high school, form 2, dropout invented a radio broadcasting transmitter back in 1999 despite the impoverished state that caused him to leave school.

Saith Holdings was registered under the companies Act in 2013. After years of struggling as Chikumbutso could not secure funding to kick start his projects as no one shared the same vision as him perhaps because his projects especially his Greener Power Machine a self powered generator,” writes Meja. “The world is now, after years of discrediting Chikumbutso machine,  embracing the ingenious innovations. Saith Holdings has secured contracts with Brazil and Angola to provide electricity using The Greener Machine.“…  

Zimbabwean inventor unveils amazing new prototypes

This is Africa reports:

Zimbabwean inventor unveils amazing new prototypes

Yes, Sangulani Chikumbutso was on Monday launching some of his company’s products which included a hybrid engine-powered helicopter, an electric car, a magnetic converter, a ‘green’ power generator and a special drone.

With this launch, he has established himself as the first Zimbabwean to design and make an electric-powered vehicle and a hybrid helicopter:

Zimbabwean inventor unveils amazing new prototypes

Below Chikumbutso demonstrates his drone invention.

Zimbabwean inventor unveils amazing new prototypes

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Black Venus: The Saartjie Baartman Story – Full Film

Too often the stories of Black women never see the light of day let alone make it to film. It’s no surprise that this depiction of the life of Saartjie (Sarah) Baartman was produced in French. I, personally, can’t imagine an American or British filmmaker ever being willing to produce it. The film details Saartjie’s travel from her home in South Africa to London where she became an attraction for Europeans.

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How Nelson Mandela betrayed us, says ex-wife Winnie – News – London Evening Standard

Nelson and Winnie Mandela

“I kept the movement alive,” she began. “You have been in the township. You have seen how bleak it still is. Well, it was here where we flung the first stone. It was here where we shed so much blood. Nothing could have been achieved without the sacrifice of the people. Black people.”

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Europeans must leave South Africa! | Thought Leader

For ages, the country today known as South Africa was no more than a loose band of separate communities. The Nguni tribes, which settled on the Southern tip of Africa around the 10th century, neither considered themselves a single nation, nor did they consider the Khoisan people already inhibiting the area part of their collective.

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A tipping point on gender-based violence in South Africa?

The proximity of their murders—Steenkamp posted a tribute to Booysen to her Instagram just days before her own death—presents an unavoidable reminder that gender-based violence cuts across society and cannot be dismissed as a problem faced only by others. (Perhaps unsurprisingly, though, the gory glitter of Steenkamp’s murder has overshadowed Booysen’s death in the international media.)

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PressTV – Bankrupt Paris on colonial adventure across Africa: Abayomi Azikiwe

An analyst says with job minister Michel Sapin’s announcement that France is bankrupt it is plain to see why it is intervening militarily in resource-rich Mali.In the background of this international criticism is growing over human rights abuses by Malian troops – the UN has accused the country’s army of carrying out multiple summary executions. French President Francois Hollande has visited the West African country of Mali. The country is coping with a French military intervention working with the Malian army with the stated purpose to weed out terrorist cells that have taken over significant areas and have engaged in foreign hostage taking in neighboring Algeria. These terror groups are reportedly from Libya used by the French and it’s Western allies to topple the Libyan government and secure oil fields etc of that country. Observers also speculate that humanitarian reasons is not the only reason why France has intervened militarily in Mali as the country possesses energy and precious metal resources and war may help or distract from serious economic woes at home in France.

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BBC News – Patrice Motsepe: South African tycoon to donate millions

Patrice Motsepe

South Africa’s richest black man, Patrice Motsepe, has announced he is giving away half his wealth to improve the lives of the poor.

The mining magnate said the money would be handled by the Motsepe Foundation to address education and health issues.

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When cruelty’s disguised as ‘civilisation’ | Thought Leader

Has this person conveniently forgotten that as prescribed by the Bantu Land Act of 1913 and the Bantu Trust and Land Act of 1936, certain areas of the country were demarcated for black citizens? What this means is that, land was taken from people and those who were once able to feed themselves, their families and communities went straight to having nothing. You see, land is not ‘’just land’’ as many often insinuate. It is right at the centre of some of our most pressing problems today. Despite being an overwhelming 80% of the South African population, the land allocated for black occupation is believed to have been only 13% of the territory comprising the South African state. People were taken off land that had been in their families for generations and were taken from their homes. For some, it was the only home they had ever known.

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Dancing to the tune of whiteness?

Dancing to the tune of whiteness?.

Of all the responses written to the Gillian Schutte article, this one seemed to hit the theme straight on. We as Africans are still eavesdropping on a conversation we must abide, and an argument we should bow out gracefully. It is time for people to heal their own communities and stop tripping over the offenses of the Other. There will be centuries before we stop hearing the weeping, “But I am not racist. I spent good money on MC Hammer tickets.”

Instead of interrogating the validity of the social issues raised by Schutte, the bigots chose to defend atrocious white behaviour and attitudes towards indigenous Africans while creating distractions that deviate from engaging with the core issues.

This they do by innuendos and threats, and by questioning Schutte’s legitimacy to speak her truth; to recognise whiteness, to openly point out and criticise such inhumane patterns that violate human rights and dignity.

But this is nothing new when it comes to whiteness responding to its own pathology. What we also witnessed was that they were not alone in questioning Schutte’s legitimacy; by their sides, a collective of co-opted black South Africans — including so-called “born-free” blacks — made similar accusations.

By association they then get pulled into this apartheid-styled tactic that racists use to prevent people from engaging in a genuine social dialogue that can help South Africa address the power dynamics of racism and social inequalities.