15 Black Uprisings Against European and Arab Oppression They Won’t Teach in Schools – Atlanta Blackstar | #OYRchallenge

The 15 least taught Uprisings of African enslaved peoples are  presented in the  article. The First Maroon War was my favorite pick but I am sure you will find other goodies of your own.

The First Maroon War

The First Maroon War

In 1739, the Jamaican Maroons were the first enslaved Africans to win their freedom from European slave masters. During the First Maroon War, they fought and escaped slavery and established free communities in the mountainous interior of the island. For 76 years, there were periodic skirmishes between the British and the Maroons, alongside occasional slave revolts.Eventually, the British government and slave holders realized they couldn’t defeat the Maroons, so they came up with a peace treaty that allowed them to live in their own free states in Jamaica. As a result, the Maroons established their five main towns: Accompong, Trelawny Town, Moore Town, Scots Hall, and Nanny Town.


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In Nigeria, Parents Tormented by Stumbling Search for Girls Kidnapped by Boko Haram –

Families of the missing children are still hoping for the returned of their missing children while villages and cities remain under siege. Does this historical public venture mark the beginnings of true democracy in Nigeria?


Mr. Ntakai was joined by more than 100 fathers, uncles and big brothers, all seeking several hundred girls taken by force from a boarding school in the remote hamlet of Chibok. The men followed a trail of hair ties and scraps of clothing the girls dropped to lead rescuers. One found his daughter’s flip-flop; another retrieved a remnant of a school uniform.

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Danny Glover at Texas A&M MLK Breakfast, 2nd Amendment

Visit to sign the petition against liberal bias at Texas A&M University. Actor Danny Glover speaks at the 6th Annual MLK Breakfast at Texas A&M University on January 17, 2013. He speaks about global warming and the second amendment. Texas A&M President Bowen Loftin talks about diversity and student/faculty affirmative action.


Africa Must Take Lead in Mali, France Says

Mali Invasion 2013

Once the situation is more stable, France wants African troops to do most of the work to wrest the north from the Islamists, as called for under a United Nations Security Council resolution passed in December.

French officials conceded, however, that there were disputes over how African participation would be financed and about the best way to transport troops to Mali. In Paris, French officials said the United States, while willing to help ferry African troops, wanted to bill France for the use of transport aircraft, which officials said would not go down well with the French. The Pentagon favors providing rapid help with transport and even with air-to-air refueling, but the White House is more reluctant, the officials said.

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War Witch (2012) – IMDb


War Witch (2012)

War Witch (2012) – IMDb.

Somewhere in Sub-Saharan Africa, Komona a 14-year-old girl tells her unborn child growing inside her the story of her life since she has been at war. Everything started when she was abducted by the rebel army at the age of 12.