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gender and black autonomy

Gender and Black Autonomy

Throughout their history in America, women and girls of African descent have been routinely subjected to racism, patriarchy, sexism and other forms of gender oppression, denied jobs and equal access to health services, among other problems. Join us for a discussion with members of the Black Autonomy Federation Women’s Commission about why black women must assert their right to independently organize around and address issues of specific concern to them.

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White Supremacy and Global Black Beauty Standards – YouTube

Published on Sep 29, 2014

This is How White Supremacy Works. A primary goal of white supremacy is to tear black people apart.

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9 Qualities of Confident Women | Kali Rogers | #OYRchallenge

Kali Rogers

Kali Rogers lists the 9 attributes of Confident Women. My favorite is #2, and hard won. Learning to say ‘no’ in a charity driven community.

2. They say no.Now, some people may think this practice is betchy the PC version of b*tchy, but in reality, it’s pretty respectful. Confident women don’t overcommit and they don’t make false promises. They just say no. Why? Because they’d rather state the truth and decline rather than tell a white lie and then flake out later. And, they don’t have time for everything. No one does. The difference is, burnout simply isn’t on a confident woman’s agenda, so she makes sure to commit to things she’ll actually enjoy instead of piling every little thing onto her calendar for the sake of other people. Truth bomb.FYI: Confident women do RSVP, because, well, not doing so would actually be betchy.

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Encouraging Young Girls To Be Happy With Their Hair | MadameNoire #OYRchallenge

Visiting a sister claiming the Natural Hair generation came as a great surprise when on a trip to her bathroom proved her most false. The shelves, lined with cosmetics, included several boxes of chemical and quasi-natural texturizers. Even more surprising was her consistent head swivels, while noting how tight her younger daughter’s curls are compared to the looser-curled older sister.

Conversations such as these throw me head first into the bowl, but considering some of the most disturbing behavior to seeing African hair at its natural has come from African American women in social media – I simply shook my head. Gabby Douglas and Beyonce’s baby daughter took almost more hits in social media than mass incarceration and a failing public education system among young African American women. This begs the question, is natural hair a new fad that will scurry into the fabric of America after the revolution, as dashiki’s of the 1960’s and 70’s, or are African American women having a tough time weaning off of the creamy-crackAfrican American girls

Girls and women should know and be able to easily recall the texture of their natural hair. It’s disheartening to hear a woman say she doesn’t know her true hair texture because she has kept up with a choice that was made by someone else to alter her hair many years ago as a child. It’s just another way of quietly stripping away the person she is by permanently changing her look and by taking away her choice. There is no reason a girl at six or seven years old needs a ‘treatment’ for her hair with all the information out there now about how to care for natural hair of a wide variety of textures.

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Chemical-free black hair is not simply a trend – Lifestyle – The Boston Globe

Chemical-free black hair is not simply a trend - Lifestyle - The Boston Globe

As RuPaul once sang, “Black hair is a revolution.” In the late 1960s, Angela Davis wore her voluminous afro as a political statement and started a movement toward natural hair. That look influenced a generation, from blaxploitation film star Pam Grier to former wig-wearing Supreme Diana Ross. Jheri Curl ruled the 1980s, but natural hair came back later with Erykah Badu’s experimentation with afros and twists and Jill Scott’s 1970s-inspired tresses. More recently Solange Knowles, Janelle Monae, and Esperanza Spalding have all played with natural looks.

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Is Your Makeup Dirty? | BlackDoctor

( — Cosmetics are supposed to enhance your beauty, but if you aren’t careful they may enhance your healthcare costs. Items like lip gloss and mascara that seem so harmless can actually cause you to end up with conditions such as bacterial infections, the flu, pink eye or even herpes.

It’s not that the products or their ingredients pose these threats. The problem arises from the fact that cosmetics are an ideal environment for nasty microorganisms, such as yeast or e.coli, to thrive.

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