28 Days, 28 Interviews with Young Black Creators and Leader | The #Power28

Motivation for Black People, Join the Movement photo

Motivation for Black People features “The #Power28.” The collection of February’s 28 days filled with 28 Black Creators and Black Leaders is a step toward recognizing the power of Blackness in an era of uncertainty. The work is still in progress to self-recognize the greatness often experienced under the cover of covert and overt violence waged against a population making up about 14% of the United States population, including multiracial African Americans.

We often recognize power as violence that can be achieved and rewarded. In the scope of these hearty and skilled noble men and women, power is the willingness to achieve despite walls of recognized and unspoken violence. We thank you all for rising to the challenges set before you in this conundrum.  Each day of February 2018, Motivation for Black People spotlights what the African American experience teaches, — Power is the gift of those who recognize it in all things.

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