U.N. Experts Seem Horrified By How American Schools Treat Black Children

The United Nations in their assessment of United States schools found us guilty of the mistreatment of African American students. Why do I say us, many African Americans may posit? Beyond physical and mental abuses, this article also points to the updates in our texts books that cast slavery into the context of the American history of immigrants. African American parents are present while history is rewritten to soften any future systemic abuses suffered upon their descendants, yet we remain mute.  Read an excerpt below.

Controversy surrounding the way schools teach about the history of slavery also spiked in October, after a Texas mother discovered that her child’s textbook described slaves as “workers” in a section about immigration. “It talked about the U.S.A. being a country of immigration, but mentioning the slave trade in terms of immigration was just off,” Roni Dean-Burren, who documented her offense in social media posts that went viral, told The New York Times. “It’s that nuance of language. This is what erasure looks like.”

Source: U.N. Experts Seem Horrified By How American Schools Treat Black Children