Ta-Nehisi Coates on Bernie Sanders and Reparations – The Atlantic

In the haste to #FeelTheBern many African Americans have forgotten the key difference in White Liberalism and Racial Justice – dismantling white supremacy and Black Reparations. Mainly, because White Liberals also benefit from white supremacy and the devaluation of the Black body. The rich against poor argument overrides the conversation towards social equality, and Black economic solvency and justice.  In the prior years’ local elections Republicans gained positions, not because they were overwhelmingly astute at politicking, but because our young in bearing the heavy burden of social illegitimacy have become disillusioned with a Democratic party that does not acknowledge their plight beyond class dynamics.

I too #FeelTheBern, yet understand that racial justice is not included in this package. Thankfully, a more worthy social critic and author has taken to articulate just how dangerous our choices are in this national election.

Excerpt from Ta-Nehisi Coates of The Atlantic:

[Bernie] Sanders’s anti-racist moderation points to a candidate who is not merely against reparations, but one who doesn’t actually understand the argument. To briefly restate it, from 1619 until at least the late 1960s, American institutions, businesses, associations, and governments—federal, state and local—repeatedly plundered black communities. Their methods included everything from land-theft, to red-lining, to disenfranchisement, to convict-lease labor, to lynching, to enslavement, to the vending of children. So large was this plunder that America, as we know it today, is simply unimaginable without it. Its great universities were founded on it. Its early economy was built by it. Its suburbs were financed by it. Its deadliest war was the result of it…

Source: Ta-Nehisi Coates on Bernie Sanders and Reparations – The Atlantic

One cannot propose to plunder a people, incur a moral and monetary debt, propose to never pay it back, and then claim to be seriously engaging in the fight against white supremacy.