TIME Person of the Year 2015 Runner-Up: Black Lives Matter

The loose structure, as a confederation of local groups, empowers each one to set its own agenda. The Chicago chapter, for example, had a hand in the protests that ousted police superintendent Garry McCarthy in late November after video footage apparently revealed that the department had mischaracterized the events surrounding the shooting death of teenager Laquan McDonald. Windy City activists have also run campaigns against school closures, says Chicago organizer Aislinn Sol, as well as crusades to win reparations for victims of police torture. A prominent group of leaders launched a project called Campaign Zero, which focuses on shaping policy changes to police practices, as well as an offshoot that studies how police unions stifle efforts to hold cops accountable in cases of alleged misconduct. To gather raw data, DeRay Mckesson, a Campaign Zero co-founder and perhaps the movement’s most prominent activist, filed Freedom of Information Act requests in the nation’s 100 largest cities.

Source: TIME Person of the Year 2015 Runner-Up: Black Lives Matter