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Watching this video of the excited Cenk Uygur host this episode of The Young Turks gave me pause. Suppose he does win?  I first became interested in Bernie Sanders because he reminded me of the yearly love/hate relationship I had with a leather salesman on Delancey St., NYC. I would be there early in the morning the week before school started. The first customer got the best deals back then. The shop keeper would eye me curiously. It always took him at least 6 minutes (I began to time him) of me flipping through his racks of leather coats for him to take me seriously.

The shop was a scary, dim, and crowded den. Scraggly. Something like the Bernie Sanders who first appeared on my Facebook page. But it held all of the goodies, all of the right smells, and the right prices for my pocket. The shop keeper spoke ripe and sharp as he explained the grain and texture of leather. I have heard his lecture every year but listened intently. I stroked the softest fur-lined coat while he bantered, but it is the first price I am waiting to hear.

Source: America Feels The Bern: Bernie Sanders Now Front-Runner (video)

This is the relationship that I am experiencing with this Presidential candidate. He speaks in the excited, unrehearsed malevolence that makes you think, I want him in my corner during a fight. And yes America, we seem to be in a fight for our lives.

When our Black Lives Matter representatives corralled Bernie’s space during the TWiB conference, I held my breath waiting for that 6 minutes to end. Of course Bernie and the rest of the world were shocked. Respectability politics dictates that Black Lives Mattered only in quiet spaces. Bernie was shocked most of all because his liberal All Live Matter issues had not included race since the 1960’s Civil Rights Era. But adding to his laundry list was imperative and our ladies did their job.

Not long after, racial equality was tacked on to the disheveled hair and rumpled suit. During every speech, I listened for that call for justice like the shop owners footsteps creeping up behind me. His crowds are growing alongside those of the scandalous Donald Trump and stumbling Ben Carson. Now that the ignored, cajoled, and crazy Bernie Sanders has captured the Democratic heart, will he keep his promise? I wonder.

When I picture Bernie Sanders running against Trump or Carson in the 2016 election, there are circus acts performing in the background. I am on a flight to the Caribbean having already mailed in my ballot. My cellphone, tablet, laptop are all off. Everyone on the airplane sighs as we lift off. And just before the drink cart creaks by, the flight attendant taps the mic. “Ladies and Gentlemen, we have an announcement. Our new President is… Deez Nuts!”

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