Dr. Claud Anderson – The Exceptional People | YouTube

“Social integration means you are a guest…

Social Integration is a weakening process…

The out group is a hated group…

That is a form of social economic suicide.” ~  Dr. Claud Anderson

Published on Jun 25, 2015
Dr. Claud Anderson delivers a powerful presentation at the Black Writers on Tour entitled “The Exceptional People” detailing the history of people of African descent in America as a great and exceptional people unlike no other people.

In this presentation Dr. Anderson details his Powernomics Plan, the history of the exclusion of people of African descent from the very founding of the United States, and the true history of the Aboriginal people of America and of the planet.

Filmed and edited by Amadeuz Christ for more info on Dr. Anderson visit powernomics.com

Out of Darkness film coming soon https://youtu.be/7odxQ6YqF7o outofdarknessfilm.com