100th Anniversary of the US occupation of Haiti

Quand la plus grande réussite sociale de son temps tombe dans la main oppressive. Haïti, heureux 100ème anniversaire !


The unintended consequence of Haiti’s 1804 victory abolishing slavery and against white supremacy was that this compelled Napoleon to sell the Louisiana Territory which doubled the size of US. 15 US states were created in whole or in part from the Louisiana Purchase. Unfortunately, the sad irony is that the Haiti victory allowed the US to add more slavery states to its empire. Today, Haitians face a power partly of its own creation. Is being re-enslaved by the super European-settler power its victory helped create. Here’s how one historian puts it:

“And here is another irony. Haitians had opened 1804 by announcing their grand experiment of a society whose basis for citizenship was literally the renunciation of white privilege, but their revolution’s success had at the same time delivered the Mississippi Valley to a new empire of slavery. The great continent would incubate a second slavery exponentially greater in economic power than the first.”

The longer view though is that because of the Haiti revolution, US slavery lasted only 60 more years instead of centuries more. Denmark Vesey, Nat Turner, Gabriel Prosser, all inspired by the Haiti Revolution. The end of white supremacy will come, because of Haiti.”–Ézili Dantò, 1915 to 2015: A Hundred Years of US Occupation in Haiti is Enough

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