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The mostly White gun club, “Open Carry Texas,” planned a gun advocacy march through a Dallas African American neighborhood for July 2015. They claim it is an instructive and gun awareness mission. In this climate of church fires and the recent massacre of 9 African Americans in their church, many of these communities are wary, – and rightly so. Peculiarly, there is already an African American gun advocacy group, the Huey P. Newton Gun Club, operating since August of 2014 in open carry Dallas’ Black neighborhoods. They happen to be the wrong color and on the wrong side of the political strata to be considered advocates or instructors by the general public. Their connection with the villanized New Black Panther Party is offered as evidence that they are thugs.

But not everyone shares those views: VICE – article

Andrew, an original Black Panther, greets the gun club.

Heading away from the Federal Building, the marchers pause to take pictures of themselves in front of a large public fountain. They seem a little deflated. A middle-aged man strolling by sees the group and turns around to shake their hands. He introduces himself as Andrew, an original Dallas Black Panther. “This is the first time I’ve seen armed people—I thought it was like a military group going into infantry or something,” he says. “But then I heard them say Huey Newton, and that’s what stopped me. I said, ‘Whoa…’ It lets me know something is changing in the times.”

Aside from the politicized rhetoric surrounding the Huey P. Newton Gun Club, Vice presents a comprehensive article on the historical and present day significance of how Blacks with guns are represented in the American press. The personal perspective on gun ownership is not the issue in this piece. The question is whether constitutional rights apply to all or is this another instance where African American imagery can be degraded without community redress. How ripe is that?

A Social Experiment was posted on Open Carry USA,, testing the responses by law enforcement to white open carry vs black open carry. The results are as follows:

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