UBC student writes 52,438 word architecture dissertation with no punctuation — not everyone loved it | National Post

Patrick Stewart
National Post, Canada

Academics, especially minorities, and pedestrian readers outside of the English discourse find it hard to read or grade papers without their expected punctuations and the language of their discourse. ee cummings and many other poets wrote in the non-punctuated and non-capitalized style denoting resistance against established epistemologies. They were prominent and exuded greatness, yet for the limited academic (yes, some academics are limited) this presents a debacle, especially if within the students discourse that Avante-garde theory presented goes beyond the professor’s academic position. Hard to believe, yet this happens frequently. What is the low-ball response of the academic or even pedestrian didacts? They critique the grammar. They want automatons.

Language theory and studies go beyond the comma and period. The style and narrative inform the message. How is the writer delivering the message? What is the writer trying to convey within the context of style and delivery? Most outside of the field of language do not think beyond the MLA, APA, or Chicago style notation and their pocket guide to *** science. The lazy learn field specific vocabularies and methodologies like a child learning to color within the lines of their coloring book. With a blank page, they are a deer in headlights. That page is quickly thrown to the ground.

We must agree that learning established language specific punctuations and grammar are important before art can begin. The fundamentals are the floor in which to build a solid house. Yet once that house is built, know whose house you are entering. Take the auto industry, for example. It is dangerous for an assembly line worker to deviate from their specific task on the line. The designers, however, must have a firm grasp of the architecture and previous designs in order to create new and more efficient cars. This is the job of the PhD.

Academia claims a social level far beyond the average grunge of automobile manufacturing, ie: Ivory Tower. So the question begs, are you the foreman keeping the worker in his place, or are you an academic nurturing great minds who will hopefully expand your discourse.

“In the introduction to his thesis, [Patrick Stewart] writes that,

“in my defense     my style of writing is not laziness or lack of knowledge of proper usage of the english language     it is a form of grammatical resistance as a deconstructionist     in the manner of many writers     especially american poet ee cummings     he graduated with a master degree in english from harvard university and they called him experimental and innovative     not words likely to be used to describe an indigenous writer who breaks all the rules of writing (the behavioural ethics board at the university of british columbia suggested that i hire an editor as it appeared that i did not know the english language)     times though     they are changing””


Times definitely have changed.

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