Is Good Policing & Black Leadership Enough To Institute Systemic Change?

Incredible NewsOneNow’s State of Emergency forum in Baltimore. Inconvenient truths come out of this forum of politicians, scholars, activist, and citizens. One woman testifies to an unprovoked beating in her home. Dr. Umar Johnson states that our children are not stupid and lying to them will not work. We can’t tell them to go home and let the political process take care of it. While… Councilman Carl Stokes:

Councilman Carl Stokes, Baltimore Town Hall

“Stokes told Roland Martin, host of NewsOne Now, “We have a Black mayor, we have a majority Black [city] council, which I serve on.” He continued, “We have Black leadership in state government, but those communities have poor schools, they don’t have a grocery store, they don’t have investment in that community.””