Stop it with the feminist whitesplaining.

When you are tired of explaining why you are happy just where you are, Jessica Williams does it best. “Jessica R. Williams ✔ @msjwilly
@shorterstory I am a black woman and I am a feminist and I am so many things. I’m truly honored that people love my work.But I am not yours.
Jessica R. Williams ✔ @msjwilly
@shorterstory My worth is not my job.”


Lord, protect me from the attentions of well-meaning white women.

Yesterday afternoon, I watched with some satisfaction as talented Daily Show Correspondent/Comedian/It Girl Jessica Williams dressed down “The Billfold” writer Esther Bloom for her recklessly-delivered reactions to Williams’ admission that she doesn’t feel qualified to host the soon-to-be vacated The Daily Show.

— Jessica R. Williams (@msjwilly) February 17, 2015

There’s no doubt that Bloom meant to be encouraging, but her comments were less constructive criticism, more boiling cauldron of feminist theory, casual racism, and misplaced causation. Feminists may complain about mansplaining, but feminists of color regularly contend with whitesplaining, often in the form of the unwarranted advice…

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