My Dream for Ferguson on No Indictment Day

Awake Black Woman

I’d like to see the Ferguson protesters and pretty much all the other cities and counties that have joined them in solidarity adopt what I call Operation Tumbleweed (or not really a hashtag ((yet)) #BoycottThePolice). This is just a dream I have. I know that it won’t happen because there’s already THIS: National Ferguson Response Network – but hear me out anyway.


We’ve all seen and heard the reports of the Ferguson and St. Louis police departments gearing up for the response to what looks like to be a given – that Darren Wilson will not be indicted. I’ve seen members of the military aghast at the prep – oodles of grenades, tons of wooden and rubber bullets, batons, plastic restraint bands, armored vehicles, weapons, tear gas, mace, pepper spray, armored gear – you name it, they’ve got it all stockpiled and ready to be deployed on… peaceful protesters…

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