F Train Slapper Cleared of Charges; Wants to Apologize to Slapee

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A guy on the F Train subway in NYC was accosted by a woman not only talking total smack, but laid her hands on him and that was it as an all out brawl ensued.

The woman, Danay Howard, was charged with felony assault and disorderly conduct. The guy who did the slapping, which most people agree with, Jorge Pena, was also arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

Pena’s no longer behind the 8-ball. Prosecutors have dropped all charges against the 6- foot-6 bouncer for slapping a woman during a subway melee, reports the NY Daily News.However, the 25-year-old is willing to apologize for slapping the crap out Howard, even though it was in self-defense.

“A man is never supposed to hit a girl,” said the part-time bouncer whose unique 8-ball jacket caught the eye of his assailants.

“She put me in a position that I had no choice. She tried…

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