Everyone Agrees on Anti-Corruption


There is a quiet movement underfoot.  It is backed by the most conservative of Conservatives, the most liberal of Liberals, and everyone in between. All agree on one issue: Corruption must be eradicated from our political system.

Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, thinks this “quiet” movement is ready to explode. Watch the video, and be encouraged!

Three Anti-Corruption Groups

Uygur highlights the successes of three anti-corruption groups. Each of them tackles the problem from a different angle, but they all fight for the same thing: Democracy.

MayDay.US – They support political candidates who take a strong stance on anti-corruption.

Represent.US – They get mainstream media to cover anti-corruption news, and are helping cities around the country pass local anti-corruption laws.

Wolf PAC – They work at the state level to call for a Constitutional Convention to get money out of politics.

Everyone hates corruption in politics. At…

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