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Afrocentric Schools

Lee states that students do not do well in regular schools because they are faced with racism every day and stereotypes that they must overcome. These barriers are not helping their education at all as they lose focus. Lee also says that people claim that the all-black schools are another form of racism and that they need to look at it from another point of view. Culturally mixed schools do not give the proper attention to each culture that is in attendance at the schools. Everything becomes lumped together and those with a different culture do not get to learn much about their history.

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  1. Data? For example, test scores, graduation rates, or college attainment rates looking at African American students who attended, say, demographically diverse suburban schools taught by demographically diverse teachers versus African American students in other types of schools? Thanks.

    1. #OYRchallenge It is your job to negate these findings. Go for it. As African Americans, we are now questioning the Brown v. Kansas decision in this era. We lost Black Wall St. and other prominent African American cities that became so perilous to racist psyche that they were attacked and burned to the ground.
      That is what this is about. The OYR challenge demands that we defend nothing and let racist continue in their pursuits while we enjoy ours. Take the challenge. Stay in your lane.

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