SHE’S THE LAW: What Would Jesus Do? Tyler Perry Prevails In Trademark Dispute Against Kim ‘Poprah’ Kearney

CP Time can be a loser in big business.


poprah-tylerYesterday, The Hollywood Reporter reportedacclaimed filmmaker Tyler Perry’sUnited States Patent and Trademark Office victory for the rights to “What Would Jesus Do?” against Kimberly Kearney, also known as “Poprah”from VH-1 series, “I Want to Work for Diddy.

According to the article, Perry registered for the “What Would Jesus Do?” mark in 2008, under the category of entertainment services, notably for live concerts, TV program and motion pictures. However, months prior to his filing, Kearney had also previously filed for the same rights to the mark for a reality based television program. Two years after Kearney’s initial filing, the mark was published for opposition, at which time Perry stepped forward in an attempt to cancel it arguing that Kearney was not using the mark in commerce, as the only time it was allegedly used was during a call out for auditions on a particular webpage.


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