White People Commit the Most Heinous Crimes, So Why Is America Terrified of Black Men? | Alternet


From Alternet.org. An excerpt and commentary from and about Lisa Bloom’s  ‘Suspicion Nation: The Inside Story of the Trayvon Martin Injustice and Why We Continue to Repeat It

Underlying much of that subconscious racial bias is the most enduring, corrosive racial stereotype in America: the black-as-criminal mindset.  Historian David Levering summarizes it:  “Whites commit crimes but blacks are criminals.” While whites can and do commit a great deal of minor and major crimes, the race as a whole is never tainted by those acts.  But when blacks violate the law, all members of the race are considered suspect.  I used to anchor a show on Court TV, and when we heard about a new arrest for some horrific crime, my African American co-host would whisper, “Please don’t let him be black.”  It would never enter my mind to wish that a bad guy not be white, because no matter how sick the crime, other members of the white race are not impugned.

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  1. Such idiots— white only neighborhoods are safe and happy places. Good communities where everyone knows each other and have community spirit. Black crime is a huge issue— 13% of the population commit 50% of the crimes. If it wasn’t for hispanics adding a big portion of crimes too, they’d be committing more like 65-70%. Stupid people try to pretend this isn’t a problem, and so it will never be fixed. Lets ignore the fact that Chicago can have 50 shootings on one weekend– everythign just FINE AND FUCKING DANDY in Black America!!!! SAY OTHERWISE??? your a racist!!!!

    1. Yes, let’s ignore the symptoms of the larger problem. Let’s ignore the overreaching issues and reams of pycho-social data pointing to these conditons you example in the Black community. But if you want to become educated try reading then return to your statements above. “Racism and microagression” studies may help you somewhat if you can read that far. Since when has any culture had to prove they were first human and then prove that in the scope of being human we have frailties. It is up to you to make the change. First in yourself and then in YOUR community. Are you not aware that most serial killers are White and educated? Are you aware that inherent poverty and lack of resources are perverting ghettos around the world of every ethnicity? Do you read world news and understand that crime among the global poor is an inheritance? And crime among European supremacist is the cause of that poverty? Take your hood off.. have a cup of coffee and let your brain get oxygen.

      1. Are you not aware that most serial killers are white, but the media is scared to show black crime, and so it only shows white serial killers? Even in a country with 6X more whites than Blacks, there are STILL more Black serial killers. Learn your facts before you spew misinformation. Even if it was true, serial killers amount to several homocides a year, vs tens of thousand black offender homocides. http://curiousmatic.com/3-common-myths-serial-killers-debunked-professionals/ — read the source of the article. —– Your petty ad hominem attacks on my intelligence do not validate your point whatsoever, sorry. Your assumptions that my points are not founded in hard evidence is also unfounded. To say that the depraved behaviors going on in EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD where blacks inhabit is ALL based on white racism is the dumbest cop-out in the world. There are areas of the world that have never been colonized and they are even worse off. Do you think so lowly of Blacks, that you think they do not have the capabilities to overcome some adversity and succeed? To not commit violent atrocious crimes, fail to innovate, fail to educate, ail to take care of their families— all because of some historical problems in the past? Europe was destroyed by war two times in the 20th century and look at it now— Jews were massacred up to 60% of their race and kicked out of hudnreds of countries over the past 1000 years and look at them now. Forget slavery— you truly believe Africa is in the mess it is in because of white people leaving a legacy of electricity, technology, sewer systems, democratic constitutions and political infrastructures, billions of dollars of aid, and archiectecture???? Because they exploited some resources, but left them a continent still rich in fertile lands, gold, oil, and minerals, they are SOOO beaten down by the historic white man they are forever doomed? Look at how the rest of the world faces mass destruction, and tell me colonialism was worse than that. Why am I racist for refuting your ridiculous assertion that everything wrong with Blacks is because of whites? Have you ever been to the hood and seen the behavior there? You hold no one accountable for their actions— very sad and narrow minded of you. It’s truly YOU who needs a cup of coffee and needs oxygen in your brain. Even if Blacks have to struggle harder because of their skin, there’s NO EXCUSE for the state of the African American community in America except their own shortcomings. College grants, scholarships, and URM status awaits them at every college in America— if they could only meet them 1/4th of the way.

      2. This article is retarded— that is why I commented on it. “Whites commit crimes, but blacks are criminals?” — As if some horrible racist propaganda is calling Blacks criminals when whites are doing the exact same thing. The crime rates for Blacks tower over white crime rates— and stupid websites that manipulate statistics to trick people into believing something totally untrue should be outted. 69% of Black Children vs 23% of whites are born out of wedlock, but a website i read makes claim that Black Fatherlessness is a lie to degrade Blacks. And here we have this dumb website trying to pretend Black crime doesn’t exist. At least acknowledge the statistical facts before you try to make an argument with any authority. In credit of the Blame Whitey crowd, at least they are trying to make an argument rather than construct a fallacious one.

  2. Great post! Never argue with fools though. They are stuck on stupid. besides it just gives you a headache.lol

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