On Dr. Teleka Patrick and the Fight for Black Women’s Mental Health

Dr. Teleka Patrick

I have these questions that will probably never be answered. I probably have no right to ask them. I’m not family. I’m not a friend. But, I see so much of myself and so many of my friends and associates in Dr. Patrick. Many of us are young, black Christian women with advanced degrees. We are medical doctors, PhDs, preachers, businesswomen, lawyers, teachers, and financial professionals. And, many of us are so busy achieving that we don’t properly take care of ourselves. Dr. Teleka Patrick represents the triumphs and the tragedies of being a black woman in America in the 21st century. She accomplished much more than our black foremothers could have ever imagined a black woman could achieve in this country. Yet, care for her mental and emotional health fell completely by the wayside. We, I’m talking specifically to black women here, must look at her life and death and become more mindful of taking care of ourselves.

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