SALUTE! 15 Positive Things That Happened During 2014’s Black History Month (LIST)

2014 Black History Month Block Busters.

Global Grind

Eleanor Holmes Norton Leads Tour Of Statues Of African Americans At U.S. Capitol

Believe it or not, February is nearing its end.

That also means the holiday that began as “National Negro Week” in 1926 — which has evolved into a celebration of honoring black thinkers, creators and people who’ve helped change the world — is coming to a close.

But in recent years, people have questioned the relevance of Black History Month. Is it needed? Is it necessary? Is it racist?

And if the past year, chock-full of injustices, racism, but also reason to praise those making a difference is any indication, Black History Month needs to stay right where it is.

What remains the same is the importance of Black History and how we’re defined by it. Many historical and commendable moments happened in 2014 that are worth remembering. So while you were complaining about how short February is, engaging in these insensitive actions, or re-posting those…

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