Low-Income Preschoolers, Cancer Patients Take Hit In GOP Budget Extension

Sequestration’s effects have already been devastating this year. More than 57,000 children have lost their slots in Head Start. Cancer patients have been denied chemotherapy. Low-income families have lost their housing vouchers. Domestic violence victims have been turned away from services. The home-bound elderly are receiving fewer visits from Meals on Wheels. The homeless are getting less support, as are job seekers. The long-term unemployed are getting reduced checks. Schools on or near military bases and Native American reservations are laying off staff and closing schools. Scientific researchers are firing staff and shutting down projects. Public schools are increasing classes sizes and reducing staff. More than 650,000 employees at the Department of Defense were furloughed. The pain will compound if cuts continue into next year.

via Low-Income Preschoolers, Cancer Patients Take Hit In GOP Budget Extension.

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