The “Brazilian Holocaust”: In scenes reminiscent of Nazi concentration camps, 60,000 Brazilians, the majority overwhelmingly black, were killed in a mental hospital

“The period in which the genocide, which affected mostly the black and poor population, occurred between 1930 and 1980, according to Daniela. “The Hospice was established to serve persons with mental disabilities, but ended up being used to place socially undesirable people, such as gays, blacks, prostitutes, alcoholics. Whoever decided was whoever had the most power. People who had been sent by the stroke of the pen of delegates, colonels, husbands who wanted to get rid of their wives to live with their mistresses. There was no medical criteria. There are documents that show that the reason for admission of a girl of 23 years was sadness,” she reported.”

Black Brazil Today

Note from BW of Brazil:Every now and then one comes across a piece of news or history that words simply cannot adequately express. Today’s post is exactly one of them. A recent book release has documented the atrocities that happened in a 19-year period that is being called the “Brazilian Holocaust”. While some only associate the term holocaust with the Jewish genocide committed by Nazis in World War II Germany, as you will see, the term is perhaps the best available to describe a terrible stain in Brazilian History. The story and images you will see below are certain to conjure up images of German concentration camps. The difference, according to the author of the book herself, is that the color of the victims of Brazil’s Holocaust were “overwhelmingly” black. BW of Brazil wants to send a “shout out” to our friends over at Afropress for bringing out the…

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