Ishmael Reed: “All the Demons Of American Racism Are Rising From the Sewer”

Why doesn’t the media draw more attention to the racial dynamics surrounding the nation’s first African-American president?

The media knows there are racial angles, but they dont want to alienate their white subscribers. They view their audience as the so-called majority, and to bring up racism as a factor would be seen as a turn-off. They couldnt sell their products.They coddle their white subscribers by ignoring white pathology and blaming all of the social ills on blacks in order to get ratings. For example, the typical substance abuser in California is a white woman, and once in a while you’ll read about heroin epidemics in the suburbs of Philadelphia or Dallas. But you won’t get a “White in America” show from CNN. They show crime as black for the entertainment of their white subscribers.Black men can’t get their books mentioned but they take up all of the time on “Lockup” and “Caught on Camera” which emphasize these pathetic street crimes of the underclass while the real thieves in Big Pharma and Wall Street have their huge, billion-dollar crimes hidden in the business pages.

via Ishmael Reed: “All the Demons Of American Racism Are Rising From the Sewer”.