Why an innocent man has been prosecuted six times for the same crime?

Friends of Justice

Tardy Furniture looking north to Coast to CoastBy Alan Bean

Doug Evans investigation and prosecution of the infamous 1996 Tardy murders have elicited some strong statements over the years.

The Mississippi Supreme Court has opined that Evans’ desperate attempt to exclude Black people from the jury is the most flagrant example of racially biased jury selection they have ever witnessed.

Robert Johnson, former chief of the Jackson, Mississippi police department, called the investigation that led to Mr. Flowers’ arrest “the worst investigation I have ever seen.”

Curtis Flowers has now been tried six times for the same crime with the state using the same evidence, the same witnesses and the same strategy every time.  Three guilty verdicts have been reversed by the Mississippi Supreme Court because of gross prosecutorial misconduct.  On two other occasions, juries split along racial lines.  In the fourth trial, for instance, all five Black jurors voted to acquit while all seven White jurors…

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